75-Yr-Old Man with Revolver Kills One Suspect, Sends Five Fleeing

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If this 74-year-old had not been armed we would be reading about his severe beating or death.

A 75-year-old Lake County, Illinois, homeowner used a “small caliber revolver” to foil an alleged robbery by six suspects.

USA Today reports that the suspects ranged between 14-years and 18-years of age, the youngest of which died after being shot in the head by the homeowner.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office issued a release which said, “The six teens traveled to Old Mill Creek in a stolen Lexus, to commit a burglary.” One of the teens allegedly had something in his hand when he approached the homeowner. The homeowner shot, striking the 14-year-old in the head, and “a knife was recovered at the scene in the vicinity of where the 14-year-old was shot.”

The other five suspects fled and a high speed chase ensued. The chase ended when the suspects ran out of gas. All five were then apprehended and face First Degree Murder charges because of the death of the 14-year-old.


David Hogg Rolls Out Sweeping Plan Calling To Remove Roughly 100 Million Guns from Americans

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David Camera Hogg has had his fifteen minutes of fame he needs to STFU and go away.

March for Our Lives, a gun control advocacy organization founded in part by activist and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, has released an expansive new gun control agenda that would dramatically curtail the Second Amendment rights enjoyed by millions of Americans.

The “Peace Plan for a Safer America,” as described on the group’s website, would create a “national gun buy-back and disposal program” and institute a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” among other measures.

“Policymakers have failed, so survivors are stepping up,” Hogg tweeted.

David Hogg


We know this seems ambitious given Washington’s apathy to decades of bloodshed in our schools, neighborhoods, and even our houses of worship.

It’s okay to disagree with us – but we know video games aren’t to blame.

So I ask you @GOP @DNC what are your plans to end this?

David Hogg


Policymakers have failed, so survivors are stepping up.

The is written by the generation that’s only ever known lockdown drills. But we WILL be the last.

We’re not just fighting against the status quo, we’re fighting for real change, for justice, for peace.

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But the ambitious plan suffers from the two ailments most common to gun control efforts: imprecision and impracticality.

The Peace Plan states that Congress must pass legislation to ban “assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and other weapons of war.

“It’s simple,” the proposal explains, “weapons of war that enable more casualties during mass shootings should not be allowed on our streets and in our communities.”

So how does the Peace Plan define “weapons of war”?.

It doesn’t.

The implications of such vagueness could be astronomical. A broad definition of “assault weapon,” as even left-leaning outlets like The Trace have reported, may include “any magazine-fed, semiautomatic rifle that incorporates other design features” — features that The Trace admits are “mostly for aesthetics.”

It’s difficult to say how many guns in America fit that definition, as statistics on semi-automatic gun ownership are hard to come by. What is clear, however, is that those weapons are popular.

Outlets as diverse as the National Rifle Association, CNN and NPR all refer to the popular AR-15 (a frequently cited “weapon of war”) as one of the most popular rifles in the country, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The Free Beacon also reported that the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association for the firearms industry, estimates that there are over 16 million “modern sporting rifles” currently in circulation.

If Hogg and his organization wish to ban “assault weapons,” they will be faced with eliminating some of the most sought-after and well-loved firearms in America.

But the Peace Plan is far more than a blanket ban on “weapons of war”: It also includes a federal gun buy-back program with the goal of reducing “our domestic firearm stock by at least 30%.”

Once more, the plan does little to explain how the proposal would work. Would the buy-back be voluntary?

“To be clear: the implementation of an assault weapons ban should be a full mandatory buy-back of assault weapons, but we would also create programs to encourage voluntary civilian reduction of handguns and other firearms,” the Peace Plan reads.

While that language seems to indicate the government would forcibly purchase only “assault weapons,” the plan goes on to compare its agenda to Australia’s national buy-back policy — a mandatory (and much broader) program.

Whether through mandatory or voluntary buy-backs, reducing the amount of guns in the United States remains a tall order.

According to the global Small Arms Survey, there are 393 million civilian-owned firearms in America, The Washington Post reported last year.

That’s 120.5 guns for every 100 Americans — twice the rate of the next highest nation, Yemen (with 52.8 guns per 100 residents).

In other words, reducing the number of guns in America by 30 percent, as the Peace Plan aims to do, would mean eradicating over 100 million firearms.

There’s something uniquely American about widespread gun ownership. Whether you like that or not, buy-back programs are not likely to drastically reduce the country’s vast wealth of firearms.

Neither the ban nor the buy-back is a serious policy proposal grounded in statistical reality: They are measures that will attract publicity but afford few real results.

If March for Our Lives were interested in minimizing gun violence (or violent crime in general), banishing “assault weapons” from American life would be far from the most logical place to start.

While guns like AR-15s have been used in several high-profile mass shootings, they are responsible for many fewer fatalities than other weapons.

According to the most recent statistics from the FBI, rifles — a category much broader than just “assault weapons” — accounted for 403 murders in 2017. Handguns, by contrast, accounted for over 7,000.

Knives or cutting instruments” were the weapon of choice in 1,591 murders. And even “blunt objects” were responsible for more murders than rifles were.

Proposals like the Peace Plan for a Safer America just do not address the facts.

They are tailored to respond to mass shootings, and though their goals may be sincere, they are also severely misguided.

If America is to reduce gun violence, banning weapons like the AR-15 is a poor choice of strategy.

It may please Democratic voters — and provide campaign material for politicians with their sights on the White House — but it won’t do much else.

Good Guy with a Gun Distracts Gunman, Shot Multiple Times Averting Potential Mass Shooting

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 22, 2019

As I was writing this article I came across a survey asking if I believed gun control works?

Civilians with Guns Intervening in Active Shooter Incidents—the 2016 and 2017 Data(Source)

Ninety percent of those surveyed believed that gun control, works.

What planet they are from and what holes they are hiding in is yet to be determined.

Those who are against the Second Amendment would do the country well by hiding behind “This is a gun-free zone signs.

Also, know as “Come on is and kill us we have made it easier for you by disarming.

Apparently, this guy didn’t get the message from the anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment zealots in Washington to turn in all of his guns.

By Michael Maharrey
I can’t tell you how many times over the last week or so that I’ve heard somebody say, “I support…

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How Donald Duck & Dumbo Helped to Win the War

Pacific Paratrooper

Just one day after Pearl Harbor, Walt Disney received his first military contract and began creating promotional reels, war bond advertisements, short training and instructional films, and other WWII materials.  Also at this time, he received requests from military units all over the world requesting Disney-designed insignia’s and mascots.

David Lesjak, a former employee and Disney historian says, “Insignia helped build morale.  Having a cartoon character you grew up with on your plane or shoulder patch helped remind you of home.  In my mind it was a happy diversion from the horrors of war.”

One of the purest expressions of Walt Disney’s genuine patriotism during the war years was his decision to establish a unit devoted to producing customized military unit insignia free of charge for U.S. armed forces and their allies.  Headed by the talented draftsman, Hank Porter, whom Walt referred to as a “one-man department,” a…

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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, Ends Presidential Bid

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One less DemocRat in the 2020 DemocRat Clown Car.

Who will be the next clown out of the 2020 DemocRat Clown Car?

Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee (D) on Wednesday suspended his bid for the Democratic nomination, saying it was evident he was not going to be chosen, the Associated Press reported.

Inslee has made a name for himself by pushing Democrats to seriously talk about climate change, especially as we head into the 2020 election cycle.

“I believe we’re going to have a candidate to fight this battle [climate change],” Inslee told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. “I’m inspired by the people I’ve met across the country. I’m not going to carry the ball but we’re going to make sure somebody is.”

Instead of focusing on a presidential run, Inslee will announce his bid to run for re-election as governor. Those who are close to him told the AP he plans to make the announcement on Thursday in an email to those who have backed him.

Inslee was originally scheduled to be in New Hampshire to campaign. That event has been canceled. Instead, the governor will be in Seattle at a Planned Parenthood press conference. He will discuss the Title X family planning funding. Planned Parenthood recently dropped from the program after the Trump administration announced restrictions surrounding abortion referrals for those receiving money from the federal program.

Gov. Inslee is now the third 2020 Democrat to drop out of the race. Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA) dropped out of the primary last month. Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper called off his campaign last week.

Maddow Blog


BREAKING: Washington Governor Jay Inslee tells Rachel that he is exiting the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race.

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Guns are a huge part of American society; taking them away won’t help: Today’s talker

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USA Today has committed a random act of journalism by publishing this article.

Guns are vital for protection in America. The acts of the few shouldn’t affect citizens’ rights to guns, which is protected by the 2nd Amendment.

Chris Cuomo Criticizes Trump for Not Aging Enough

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Fredo Cuomo is worried because of President Trump not losing sleep.

President Trump sleeps well at night because he knows we have the best military in the world and it is run by adults.

Says president should ‘care more,’ ‘sleep less’.

CNN host Chris Cuomo’s Tuesday closing monologue on Cuomo Prime Time criticized President Donald Trump for not aging enough in office and urged Trump to “care more” and sleep less.

Cuomo’s comments came after Trump stated Tuesday that “nothing keeps me up at night” in response to a question about Chinese military strength. Cuomo compared these words to former president Barack Obama’s admission to ABC’s Barbara Walters in 2008 that “there are a lot of things that keep me up at night.”

“A leader feels the pain of those they lead,” Cuomo said, noting literary examples of leaders kept up at night by the burden of ruling.

“‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown,’ Shakespeare, right?” Cuomo said. “And though like his Henry IV, this president, who often postures as a demagogic autocrat if not a king, frets openly about constant attacks. He also had an eldest son Hal, who kept poor company with a lousy lot. This president, however, seems not to worry at night as Henry did. And the point is presidents should have a lot of heavy burdens that weigh on them, and yes, keep them up at night.”

Cuomo then flashed images of former presidents Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton showing how much they aged over eight years in office. He also showed two pictures of Trump, one from when he won the election in 2016 and one current picture. Cuomo argued that Trump has not aged in three years the way his predecessors did in eight.

“It’s been almost three years since Trump won the presidency,” Cuomo said. “He looks exactly the same. His hair is—I don’t know what’s going on with that. But he may do things that presidents in the past haven’t done to augment their physical reality, but it could also be he doesn’t care the way others have.”

Trump creates “discord for no reason” and “doesn’t deal with the trying business of compromise,” Cuomo continued. He listed a number of areas where he believes Trump has neglected presidential duties, including a failure in “building unity,” a trade war with China, and a neglect of people “worrying at night about their place and their kids’ futures.”

“Now while I wish poor sleep on no man, maybe this president could use a sleepless night or two, less executive time, fewer hours in front of the TV and on the golf course,” Cuomo said. “Maybe he should focus on fixing things, carrying that burden. Because that’s the job, and it should get hard.”

Cuomo concluded by asking Trump to process the country’s pain and “lose sleep.”

“Can you imagine all of this on your shoulders and not needing a bottle of Ambien to just take a nap?” Cuomo asked. “How about this: Care more. Mr. President, you may sleep less, but the rest of this country may rest a little easier.”

Cuomo provoked mockery from Trump last week after a video surfaced on Twitter of the CNN host telling a man that calling Italians “Fredo” was “like the n-word for us.” CNN defended Cuomo’s claim, saying that the name of the weak brother from the Godfather films is an “ethnic slur.”

“I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN,” Trump tweeted after the incident.