Everett (Smitty) Smith

Pacific Paratrooper

young Everett and Mother, Anna

Everett Smith was born Dec. 12, 1914 and grew up with the gentle waves of Jamaica Bay on an island one mile long and barely four blocks wide. This was the tight-knit community of Broad Channel, New York. He resided with his mother, Anna at peaceful 207 East 9th Road and spent his days between school, working and helping to care for his grandmother.

Aerial view of Broad Channel

Smitty’s, Broad Channel, NY

Everett’s nickname had always been “Smitty” and so, the name of his fishing station came to be. In 1939, at 24 years of age, he married a woman named Catherine and she joined the Smith household.

News of Hitler and his rise to power filtered into the newspapers and radio, but Anna still had the memories of WWI and their financial struggles in what would be become known as the Great Depression…

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5 Reasons Why Democrats’ Extremist Gun Control Will Always Fail

H/T AmmoLand.

I hope the author of these five reasons is correct.

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- With the launch of their frontal assault on firearms rights via H.R. 8 and H.R. 127, Capitol Hill Democrats have made it clear they are not interested in facts or the “common sense” their gun control campaign perennially claims to represent, and instead provided all the justification necessary for a hard-hitting pro-rights ad campaign by a grassroots gun rights organization now heading into its second week.

Ammoland News did some homework and found five clear reasons—call them examples—why gun control fails and will always fail; the proof routinely ignored by gun prohibitionists whose ultimate goal, according to Second Amendment activists, has never been violent crime reduction but unilateral public disarmament.


Reason 1:

A Meridian, Mississippi man identified as Edmond Dewayne Miller was sentenced recently to 51 months in federal prison, plus three years of supervised release, for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. In a Justice Department news release, Miller was stopped by a Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Deputy as he headed for the home of a neighbor who had called in a noise complaint. Miller was carrying a .40-caliber pistol that turned out to be stolen, and the lawman learned he was a convicted felon, unable to possess a firearm. Miller pled guilty in January 2020 but only recently was sentenced.

Reason 2:

Michael D. Moore of Kansas City, Missouri pleaded guilty in federal court to illegal possession of a firearm following an armed standoff last Aug. 17. Moore had been under surveillance by police as a suspect in two armed robberies and when they moved in, he exited a BMW SUV, took cover and drew a Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol that was later found to have been stolen. As more police arrived, Moore threw down the gun and ran a short distance before being taken into custody.

Reason 3:

Tampa, Florida resident Devon Cohen was sentenced to five years in federal prison for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition. Police stopped Cohen after observing him violate several traffic laws and a search of the car turned up a loaded pistol in the console. Cohen admitted he possessed the pistol. His criminal record included multiple felonies.

Reason 4:

A 28-year-old suspect identified by NorthEscambia.com as Christopher Torrey, Jr. has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a weapon in public by firing into an occupied vehicle, firing a weapon into a building, meth possession, and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He was being held in the Escambia County Jail without bond.

Reason 5:

Torrey has company in that jail, NorthExcambia.com reported separately. A suspect identified as 22-year-old Larry Clay is charged with trafficking and possession of drugs, and probation violation. He was arrested on a search warrant and in addition to drugs, police found four handguns, a shotgun and a rifle, the news agency said. He was being held without bond.

Each of these cases underscores why gun control is inherently and irreversibly doomed to failure, says the Second Amendment community. Criminals do not obey gun laws. They never have and never will.

It is not that anti-gunners don’t understand this fundamental fact; they deliberately ignore it. Admitting that criminals routinely disobey gun laws is anathema to the gun prohibitionist mindset, and they will never acknowledge this error in logic. It is this stubborn refusal to recognize the obvious that keeps anti-gunners in a perpetual frenzy to pass restrictive gun laws, say rights advocates. They’ve apparently convinced themselves that restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens will somehow translate to disarming criminals and reducing violent crime.

The Federalist just published an Op-Ed by firearms attorney Ryan Cleckner, detailing the “Top 9 Reasons” a new gun control bill introduced by Democrats “is a terrible idea.” In his essay, Cleckner managed to dismantle virtually every argument in favor of gun control ever put forward by so-called “gun safety” organizations. In order, here are the reasons H.R. 8 is doomed to failure, Cleckner says:

  • Demands for New Gun Control Are an Admission That Gun Control Doesn’t Work
  • Gun Dealers Already Conduct Background Checks
  • There Is No ‘Gun-Show Loophole’
  • There Is No ‘Online Gun Sales Loophole’
  • Universal Background Checks Won’t Stop Criminals from Getting Guns
  • Background Checks Won’t Stop Mass Shootings
  • In-State Commerce Is a State Issue
  • Universal Background Checks Are Too Burdensome
  • Universal Background Checks Create a De Facto Federal Gun Registry

In an email blast Thursday, anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety declared, “This is a pivotal moment. Legislation to expand background checks to all gun sales has been introduced in both the House and the Senate.

“HR 8 closes a dangerous loophole in our background check system that allows individuals to avoid a background check if they purchase guns in a private sale,” the Everytown message claims. “This gap allows individuals who are prohibited from possessing firearms to purchase them anyway. That doesn’t make sense. If someone can’t pass a background check at a gun store, they shouldn’t be able to buy one at a gun show no questions asked.

“For the first time in decades, there are gun responsibility majorities in Congress, which means this policy has a real chance. We are working tirelessly to make sure those gun responsibility candidates keep their promise and support HR 8. We need your help to hold them accountable.”

Everytown, like other gun prohibition lobbying groups, erroneously deems Capitol Hill anti-gunners as “gun responsibility” politicians.

One example would be Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, whose H.R. 127 is criticized by gun rights activists as being so egregiously ignorant of constitutional rights it has brought the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms into the media arena with a devastating 60-second advertisement calling for public opposition. CCRKBA is the grassroots sister organization of the Second Amendment Foundation, and typically remains in the background while SAF has emerged as a legal powerhouse since winning the 2010 Supreme Court case of McDonald v. City of Chicago.

CCRKBA’s campaign is called “SAVE2A.US” and is aimed squarely at Jackson Lee’s legislation. Public response during the first week was so stunning that CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb quickly extended it fr at least seven more days.

The message is appearing 66 times during the second week on the following networks: DirecTV, Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, DishTV, the Weather Channel, HLN, OANN, the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and the Inspiration Channel.

“By the end of the week,” Gottlieb said in a news release, “CCRKBA’s message will have been aired a total of 119 times.”

He said H.R. 127 represents the “ultimate wish list” of gun control zealots.

“This bill really is a sinister attack on Second Amendment rights,” Gottlieb stated. “Democrats are determined to reduce rights protected by the Second Amendment to the level of privileges so tightly regulated by government red tape that they no longer really exist. The Washington Post likes to tell people that ‘freedom dies in darkness,’ but H.R. 127 is being pushed in broad daylight by people claiming some sort of mandate to trash individual rights.

“Anti-gunners have waited for years to launch this attack,” he added. “With Joe Biden in the White House, Beltway Democrats are determined to destroy the Constitution’s cornerstone Amendment, and we are determined to stop them.”

American gun owners can join this campaign by visiting ‘SAVE2A.US’ or text SAVE2A to 474747.

History of Thimbles

H/T banaschs.com

I never got hit on the head with my grandmother’s thimble but I saw my cousins get hit by it.

Banasch's, Sewing Supplies, Wholesale

A thimble is a protective covering worn over finger tips generally during sewing.

The first thimbles date back to about 30,000 years ago that were used when mammoth hunters sewed pearls onto pieces of leather. A Dutch metal worker made the first thimble as we know today in England around the year 1695. At the time, it was called a ” thumb-bell,” because it was worn on the thumb and shaped like a bell.Banasch's, Sewing Supplies, Wholesale

Russian_filigree_thimbleThimbles are usually made from metal, leather, rubber, wood, glass, or china. Early thimbles were sometimes made from whale bone, horn, or ivory. It was common a few hundred years ago for thimble-makers to enhance thimbles with semi-precious stones and decorate the outer rim.

Originally, thimbles were used solely for protecting the finger as it pushed a needle through fabric or leather. They have since gained other uses and mythologies. According to PioneerThinking.com, in the 1800s, thimbles were used to measure spirits (hence the phrase “just a thimbleful”). Women of the night used them to tap on a window or door to announce their presence. Thimble-knocking also refers to the practice of Victorian schoolmistresses who would tap on the heads of unruly pupils with thimbles. Thimbles have also been used as love-tokens and to commemorate important events. A miniature thimble is even one of the tokens in the game of Monopoly!monopoly thimble

After the 18th century, machines were invented to produce thimbles.  Because they were no longer made by hand, the shape and the thickness of the metal changed. Early thimbles tend to be quite thick and to have a pronounced dome on the top. Later thimbles are thinner and have a flatter top.

In the 19th century many thimbles were made from silver. But because silver is such a soft metal, it was easily pierced by a steel needle. People still wanted beautiful, elegant thimbles, so Charles Horner solved the problem by using a steel core that was coated in silver. He called his thimble the Dorcas, which has now become a collector’s item.

Other valuable collectables include early American thimbles made of whale bone or tooth featuring miniature scrimshaw designs. You can find many of these rare items in museums.

During the First World War, silver thimbles were taken from the bodies of fallen soldiers and melted down to buy hospital equipment.

Thimbles today are mostly made of rubber or metal and are used to protect sewers from sharp needles and tweezers.

thimblePeople who collect thimbles are known as digitabulists. If you would like to learn more about digitabulists and thimble collecting, “Thimble Pleasures: An Interview With Sewing Collector Sue Gowan” is a great article.

Tim Allen Rips American Tax System, Says He ‘Liked’ That Trump ‘P***ed People Off’

H/T Western Journal.

Tim Allen is spot on with his observations.

Actor and comedian Tim Allen slammed taxes and praised former President Donald Trump for his knack of triggering unhinged meltdowns among his opponents.

“Once I realized the last president p***ed people off, I kinda liked that,” Allen, 67, said Monday on the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast.

This is one of the reasons Trump supporters like him: H’s not afraid to speak the truth about sensitive issues — even it means he gets viciously attacked for it.

Allen, a self-professed “fiscal conservative,” said that unlike leftist Hollywood sheep, he never jumped on the trendy anti-Trump bandwagon in order to opportunistically bolster his career.

“It was fun to just not say anything. Didn’t join in the lynching crowd,” the “Last Man Standing” star said.

Like many people, the TV and film actor — whose net worth reportedly tops $100 million — hates paying taxes, and he said he became a fiscal conservative because of this.

“Once I started making money, I had this silent partner that just took almost half of my money and never gave me anything for it. And that was taxes. I’ve never liked taxes,” Allen said.

The former “Home Improvement” star suggested that his hatred of taxes stems from his disdain for how the inept government squanders people’s hard-earned money.

“I’m a fiscal conservative person with money. … I work pretty hard for this stuff and I accomplished a lot. … But I had this silent partner. Never liked taxes. Never liked what they do with taxes and the bulls***. … It’s not their money.”

He said that “silent partner” was the government.

Unlike virtue-signaling Hollywood liberals, Allen does not try to force his political views on others. Why? Because he respects everyone’s viewpoints and doesn’t think it’s his job to indoctrinate and bully them.

“I literally don’t preach anything,” he said. “What I’ve done is I’ve just not joined into, as I call it, the ‘we culture.’ I’m not telling anybody else how to live. I don’t like that.”

This is not the first time that Allen has spoken out about Trump. In 2016, the comedian slammed Hollywood “hypocrites” for condemning Trump as a “bully” even though they bullied anyone who didn’t agree with their political views.

“What I find odd in Hollywood is that they didn’t like Trump because he was a ‘bully,’” he told former Fox News host Megyn Kelly in 2016. “But if you had any kind of inkling that you were for Trump, you got bullied for doing that. And that’s where this gets a little hypocritical to me.”

In 2016, Allen was a supporter of John Kasich, the former Republican governor of Ohio.

However, he attended Trump’s January 2017 inauguration.

In March of that year, Allen told comedian Jimmy Kimmel that he had to be “careful” when discussing his decision to attend Trump’s inauguration because of the intolerance of vicious Hollywood leftists.

“You gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes,” he said. “This is like ’30s Germany.”

Allen’s honesty is refreshing in this day and age, when the liberal media and Big Tech target and bully conservatives with impunity.

Unfortunately, he’s the last of a dying breed because we are living in truly dangerous times.

Detroit Mayor Changes Tune on J&J Vaccine After Getting Blasted for Being ‘Ignorant’ and ‘Irresponsible’

H/T Western Journal.

The Mayor of Detroit can not help being ignorant and irresponsible he is a DemocRat.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan (D) took a different tone towards the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine on Friday after receiving backlash for declining a shipment of 6,200 doses of J&J’s vaccine.


In a press conference on Thursday, Duggan argued the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are better and he wants residents to have “the best.”

“Johnson & Johnson is a very good vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer are the best. And I am going to do everything I can to make sure the residents of the city of Detroit get the best,” he said.

Duggan noted that Detroit received enough doses of Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines to inoculate all eligible residents so far who wanted one.

Dr. Leana Wen, ex-Planned Parenthood president, blasted Duggan for his approach. 

“Johnson & Johnson has many distinct advantages, too, including being one shot and so, people who don’t like needles, people who don’t want the inconvenience of coming back for a second shot, people who want to be fully vaccinated sooner, there is a real advantage for them,” she said. “And so, it’s really inexplicable and I think irresponsible for Mayor Duggan and for others who are making that kind of decision to turn down a safe and highly effective vaccine.”

CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner called Duggan’s initial remark about the J&J vaccine “ignorant” and “very unproductive.”

“That was a sadly ignorant comment by the Detroit mayor,” Reiner said.

“The only number that people need to know about the J&J vaccine is 100. It’s 100 percent effective in that clinical trial in preventing hospitalization and death,” he continued. “To have the mayor really throw shade on this vaccine is really very unproductive at best.”

Other public health experts touted the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

In an article published Friday in The Conversation, an academic journal, authors including Tinglong Dai, an associate professor in the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business and an expert in medical supply chain issues, said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could be a “game changer” since it does not need to be frozen and requires only one dose.  […]

The single-shot vaccine has an efficacy level of 66% compared with an efficacy level of 90% for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, Dai said. 

But the clinical trials for the two-dose vaccines took place before the arrival of variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

“It’s like comparing apples and oranges,” Dai said.  

Johnson & Johnson clinical trial data show the vaccine is effective in fighting the variants that emerged in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil. In terms of preventing severe disease, hospitalizations and deaths, results of the Johnson & Johnson clinical trials were comparable with those of Pfizer and Moderna.  (The Detroit News)

After the criticism, including a discussion with the White House, Duggan said he had “full confidence” in J&J’s vaccine and that the city is “making plans now for Johnson & Johnson to be a key part of our expansion of vaccine centers and are looking forward to receiving Johnson & Johnson vaccines in the next allocation.”


He’s Back: Rested and Refreshed Trump Savages Biden, Blasts ‘Tsunami’ of Illegal Immigrants, ‘Totally Out of Control’ Border

H/T Western Journal.

It is great to see President Trump back and fired up and attacking the swamp monsters.

Former President Donald Trump attacked his successor, President Joe Biden, in a scathing email released on Friday that hit the White House for its failings on immigration, illegal immigrant crime and the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump, following the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion, which he was blamed for, had been uncharacteristically quiet since January. After being summarily canceled by Big Tech and impeached by the Democrat-majority House for the second time in two years, he apparently needed a breather.

But following his acquittal in the Senate last month, the man who had driven every news cycle for five years is stepping his way back into the spotlight. He appears to be rested, refreshed and ready to take the fight to the Democrats who are currently eating away at his legacy like termites.

Trump has been endorsing GOP primary candidates ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Last week he delivered a memorable speech at CPAC in Orlando, Florida, and there is speculation he might again seek the GOP’s nomination for president in 2024.

In the meantime, Trump is back to doing in many ways what he does best: calling out the Washington swamp and the establishment politicians who inhabit it.

A week ago, Trump directed his ire at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, while he recently unleashed on GOP Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming — among others — in Orlando.

Friday, the target for Trump was a familiar one: Biden, who has recently sidelined Border Patrol agents and other immigration officials from being able to do their jobs through a series of America-last executive orders.

Trump nailed Biden for creating a crisis on the border in an email that reminded the country that Biden’s open-border policies have left the country’s Border Patrol agents with their hands tied behind their backs as the border is open now to human, drug and gun trafficking and the mass migration of people who might be infected with the coronavirus.

Biden additionally halted construction on Trump’s nearly completed border wall.

“Our border is now totally out of control thanks to the disastrous leadership of Joe Biden. Our great Border Patrol and ICE agents have been disrespected, demeaned, and mocked by the Biden Administration,” Trump wrote. “A mass incursion into the country by people who should not be here is happening on an hourly basis, getting worse by the minute.”

Trump wrote that “many have criminal records, and many others have and are spreading covid,” while noting that “Interior enforcement has been shut down — criminals that were once promptly removed by our Administration are now being released back onto the street to commit heinous and violent crimes.”

The former president added that officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are “desperate to remove these convicted criminals, but Biden won’t let them.”

Trump also lamented that all the progress made regarding border security and keeping border commutes safe was being undone one pen stroke at a time by the country’s Democratic president.

“The spiraling tsunami at the border is overwhelming local communities, depleting budgets, crowding hospitals, and taking jobs from legal American workers,” he wrote.

“Under Biden, it will soon be worse, more dangerous, and more out of control than ever before. He has violated his oath of office to uphold our Constitution and enforce our laws.”

Trump called for a return to mass deportations while excoriating Democrats for bringing back the Obama administration-era catch-and-release policy.

“We put in place powerful rules and procedures to stop the smuggling and trafficking, but the Biden Administration has abandoned these proven strategies and instead given the smugglers and traffickers effective control of our border,” he added.

“Despite being delayed by years of litigation and politics by the democrats, the wall is almost finished and can be quickly completed. Doing so will save thousands of lives.”

“The Biden Administration must act immediately to end the border nightmare that they have unleashed onto our Nation. Keep illegal immigration, crime, and the China Virus out of our country!” he concluded.

Trump’s email was relatively succinct, but it packed the punch of a man who hits harder than any man in modern political history. Trump has had nearly two months to recoup and recalibrate following a whirlwind, controversial 2020 election.

While the former president no longer has the social media and TV presence he did just two months ago, it’s clear that he’s back and ready to keep taking the fight to the Washington establishment.

McConnell Out? Insiders Drop Bomb, May Not Finish Out Term: Report

H/T Western Journal.

Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell(RINO-KY)may retire as he is afraid of being primaried by some one chosen by Donald Trump in 2024.

After being elected to seven terms in the U.S. Senate, a report claims Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell might be on his way out and seeking someone to replace him.

McConnell, 79, most recently cruised to his sixth re-election in November by a margin of 57.8 percent to 38.2 percent over Democratic challenger Amy McGrath. Former President Donald Trump endorsed McConnell in the race, which Democrats reportedly felt would be more competitive than it was.

But following Biden’s inauguration, Trump’s recent and scathing condemnation of the former Senate Majority Leader and a future in GOP politics where the Republicans of old and their way of doing business seems destined to be vanquished from the party, a report alleges that just four months after defeating McGrath, McConnell is seeking an exit.

Nick Storm, writing for The Intercept, reported that the Kentucky legislature is currently seeking to strip the state’s governor, who for now is Democrat Andy Beshear, of his ability to choose a replacement for the long-serving McConnell, should he retire.

Storm reported McConnell is behind a bill in the Kentucky General Assembly that would “strip the governor of that power and put it into the hands of the state GOP,” and might ultimately help to place the state’s attorney general, Daniel Cameron, as McConnell’s successor.

“The new legislation, Senate Bill 228 — dubbed by some inside the state Legislature as the Daniel Cameron Election Bill — was filed on February 10, 2021, during the Kentucky General Assembly’s 30-day ‘short’ session,” Storm reported.

“The bill alters current state statute that allows the governor to appoint a replacement in the event of a vacancy to the U.S. Senate. If the bill becomes law, the appointment to fill a vacancy will be selected from a list of three names submitted by the state executive committee of the same political party as the senator who held the vacant seat.”

Cameron, whom Storm described as McConnell’s “protégé,” is reported to be at the top of the list. Cameron was born in 1985, which was the year McConnell first joined the Senate.

Cameron made a name for himself last summer when he called for peace and due process amid a tumultuous situation in Louisville after it was announced that officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor last March would not be charged with murder.

The 35-year-old, who is Kentucky’s first black attorney general, also made an impression with conservatives during the Republican National Convention in August.

Two other names were also floated as being potential McConnell successors: former United Nations Ambassador Kelly Craft and Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams. Neither candidate has the national profile of Cameron, however, which perhaps explains why he might be leading the reported race.

Kentucky state Sen. Tom Buford told The Intercept that legalization to change who would replace a senator, such as McConnell, is not about the potential the state’s senior senator might retire. Buford said the idea was first floated in 2017 after GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was violently attacked by a neighbor.

Apparently, the state Republican Party feared that in the event of one of the state’s two GOP senators becoming incapacitated, an idea was spawned to ensure that the state’s Democratic governor did not appoint a Democratic replacement.

“It just seemed if we did have a change of venue of U.S. Senate that it would be proper and appropriate the political party that held the office would be the political party that replaced it until the next election cycle, that being in this case Republican,” Buford said.

Buford also commented on Paul’s violent attack, which left him severely injured.

“That could have resulted in death, so … it sounded like a good idea,” Buford added.

Other sources who spoke to The Intercept off the record claimed that McConnell’s desire to start thinking about hanging up the hat stems from both his age and health, and his desire to cement his legacy by ensuring that whoever replaces him — if indeed it is anyone — has the benefit of being an incumbent.

McConnell reportedly more than anything is said to want to ensure that his seat doesn’t end up in Democratic hands.

Storm’s reporting has not been independently verified by The Western Journal.

But it isn’t at all far-fetched to see why McConnell, a lifelong and influential politician, might seek to call it quits while he’s ahead. McConnell would be 84-years-old at the time of his next election, and there is no guarantee that with bad blood between him and Trump, he’d be a shoo-in for an eighth term.

Democratic Texas Rep Can’t Keep Quiet Anymore, Warns We Are Possibly Days Away from a Full Crisis on Our Southern Border

H/T Western Journal.

It has to be getting bad on the border if a DemocRat is sounding off about it.

Not all Democrats are fond of President Joe Biden’s immigration fumbles.

Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, a centrist Democrat, spoke about his concern for what he sees as an impending immigration crisis on Thursday.

“We are weeks, maybe even days, away from a crisis on the southern border,” Cuellar said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The representative continued to express his concern in a Thursday tweet, stating that the country is “currently unprepared” to handle the current immigration surge.

“Inaction is not an option,” Cuellar wrote.


Cuellar reportedly released statistics that showed Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley region had arrested 10,000 immigrants in the last week and over 2,500 in the last few days.

The representative, whose county covers a large section of the Texas-Mexico border, told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday, “The numbers have been increasing.”

“The number of unaccompanied kids, the number of families that are coming in are just increasing every day. In my district, just a couple of days ago, 166 people [crossed the border] … So it’s not a crisis yet, but it’s going to get there very soon.”

This isn’t just a local issue, either. Jessica Bolter, an analyst for the Migration Policy Institute, told the Houston Chronicle, “We are approaching the numbers that have characterized past peaks or surges.”

According to Customs and Border Protection statistics, the fiscal year 2021 has seen one of the largest numbers of unaccompanied minors coming through the southern border.

In total, since October 2020, nearly 20,000 unaccompanied minors were reportedly encountered on the southwest border. In January alone, the highest figure was reported at over 5,700 minors encountered.

At the same point in FY 2019, a year that showed a massive immigration spike, about 5,100 minors were encountered.

Axios reported that Biden officials project 13,000 unaccompanied minors will cross the southern border in May alone. According to government documents obtained by CBS News, Border Patrol apprehended 1,500 migrant children two weeks ago, with federal bed capacities at 90 percent of the 8,000-bed limit.

If the Biden administration predictions come to pass, that number will beat out FY 2019’s May figure of over 11,400 encounters.

Bolter told the Houston Chronicle, “Whether or not it’s a crisis is determined by how the government manages it.”

How the government will decide to manage this crisis, or “challenge” as Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas puts it, remains to be seen.

A migrant “influx care facility” reopened last week in Carrizo Springs, Texas, which was previously open under Trump as a detention center for unaccompanied minors. The Biden administration received flak from its own party, and the administration recently determined that detention centers will be converted to rapid processing hubs, according to KTRK-TV.

The effects of Biden’s actions have not come to light as of yet.

However, the combination of Biden’s anti-border security policies, including stopping construction on the border wall, his slow conversion of detention centers and his rescinding of Trump’s national emergency at the border will likely not bode well at all for the thousands of families along the southern border.

FBI Official Nukes Key Capitol Riot Narrative, ‘To My Knowledge’ Zero Firearms Confiscated

H/T Western Journal.

This testimony by this FBI agent blows holes in the drive-by medias armed insurrection narrative.

A top FBI official investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol testified before the Senate on Wednesday that no firearms were confiscated that day.

The admission certainly undermines the “armed insurrection” narrative the Democrats and their allies in the establishment media have been pushing for the past two months.

The image that an armed insurrection calls to mind is firearms, not the makeshift weapons some of the rioters employed that day, such as bear spray and a flagpole.

FBI Assistant Director of Counterterrorism Jill Sanborn told a joint hearing of the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees that 300 people have been charged so far with various crimes due to their conduct on Jan. 6.

Of them, 40 have been charged with assault. Other crimes have included disorderly conduct and trespassing, Sanborn said.

“How many firearms were confiscated in the Capitol or on the Capitol grounds that day?” GOP Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin asked the FBI official.

“To my knowledge, we have not recovered any on that day from any of the arrests at the scene at this point,” Sanborn answered.


“But I don’t want to speak on behalf of Metro and Capitol Police, but to my knowledge, none,” she said.

Johnson confirmed again with Sanborn that nobody had been charged with having a firearm in the Capitol or Capitol grounds.

“Correct,” she answered. “The closest we came was the vehicle that had the Molotov cocktails in it, and when we did a search of that vehicle later on, there was a weapon.”

Presumably, based on her answer, that vehicle was some distance away.

Having worked at the Capitol and visited many times since, I know there isn’t any public parking within at least a few block radius of the Capitol grounds.

“How many shots were fired that we know of?” Johnson also wanted to know.

“I believe the only shots that were fired were the ones that resulted in the death of the one lady,” Sanborn answered.

That lady was 35-year-old Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was unarmed.

Federal authorities reportedly opened an excessive force investigation into her death last month.

Sanborn’s testimony definitely shoots a big, fat hole in the narrative that the rioters engaged in an “armed insurrection,” at least in the commonly understood meaning of the phrase.

What happened on Jan. 6 was entirely unacceptable, and the lawbreakers should be prosecuted.

But let’s not make it more than it was, which was the misguided conduct of a relative few thugs among the hundreds of thousands of former President Donald Trump’s supporters in Washington that day.

Arizona Sheriff: Thanks to Biden Mexican Smugglers Now Have Their Own High-Speed Roads in America

H/T Western Journal.

Joe Pee Pads Biden needs to import illegal and then give them amnesty so him and the DemocRats have a permanent under class that will always vote DemocRat.

Roads across the southwestern United States are becoming drug-trafficking highways, according to an Arizona sheriff.

After President Joe Biden’s executive order in January halting construction of the southern border wall, workers “just built roads for the cartels,” Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels told The Washington Times.

Throughout the Trump administration, alongside the border wall itself, high-speed roads were built for use by the Border Patrol to better police America’s southern border.

However, when Biden stopped construction, workers had to put down their tools and leave a lot of still-unconstructed border wall — making the entire area not only less secure but much easier for illegal drug cartels to traverse.

That’s what Dannels is concerned about, as his county covers just over 80 miles of the border area.

“One area that’s wide open right now, we’re getting five to six groups a day,” he told The Times. “It’s almost worse than it was before. We just built them infrastructure.”

According to the sheriff, most feedback on the wall comes from county residents and is positive, with “the majority saying it works — it really works.”

Former President Donald Trump also commented on the halt on construction in his speech Sunday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida.

“Joe Biden defunded the border wall and stopped all future construction, even on small open sections that just needed to be finished up routine little work, it’s already been bought,” he said.

Wait until the contractors get to them. And they say, ‘No, it costs us much more money not to finish this small section than if we finished it.’ That’s going to be nice. Wait until you see those bills start pouring in.”

Even lawmakers from Biden’s own party are beginning to recognize the crisis.

Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, whose district includes a long stretch of border in southern Texas, told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” that the number of unaccompanied minors arriving at the southern border has continued to increase.

“The number of unaccompanied kids, the number of families that are coming in are just increasing every day. In my district, just a couple of days ago, 166 people [crossed the border]. … So it’s not a crisis yet, but it’s going to get there very soon,” Cuellar said.

As much as the Biden administration may attempt to play it off, an immigration crisis is looming at America’s southern border, and it is certainly in no condition to handle one.

CBS News reported that more than 1,800 unaccompanied minors were apprehended by Border Patrol agents two weeks ago, with the 8,000-bed capacity of government agencies directed to house those minors at nearly 90 percent capacity.

Even some Biden officials project a massive influx of migrants, with one staffer reportedly projecting “a peak of 13,000 unaccompanied children” to cross the border in May alone, according to Axios.

According to documents obtained by the outlet, an average of 321 children per day were apprehended by Customs and Border Protection last week alone.

The New York Post reported that the current rate at which unaccompanied minors are entering the country is on pace to “exceed an all-time record … by 45 percent.”

How is this not a crisis? One briefing with the president specifically outlined the need for 20,000 beds for unaccompanied minors at the border. Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed it’s not a crisis but just a “challenge” the administration will need to overcome.

In just the 2021 fiscal year alone, CBP has had more than 300,000 encounters resulting in arrests and apprehensions.

The fact is, the border is not secure. Between his incognito abolition plan for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, his reopening of migrant facilities and his halting construction of the border wall, “disaster” is an understatement to describe Biden’s immigration policy.