Clyburn: ‘Socialist’ Sanders a ‘Burden’ that Could Put Democrat House in Danger

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The thing that put the House majority in danger is not Crazy Bernie Sanders but the sham impeachment.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who he described as a socialist, as the presidential nominee in 2020 could put the Democrats majority in House of Representatives in jeopardy.

Host George Stephanopoulos asked, “As far as Bernie Sanders goes, he built out that coalition in the state of Nevada, brought a coalition that he had in New Hampshire and in Iowa, but you’re already starting to see these attacks for his background as a Democratic Socialist. How deep will that cut in South Carolina, and if he’s the nominee, do you think it could put the House majority in danger?”

Clyburn said, “A lot of people think so. I do believe it will be an extra burden for us to have to carry. This is South Carolina, and South Carolinians are pretty leery about that title socialist.”

He continued, “So I think that that would be a real burden for us in these states or congressional districts that we have to do well in. If you look at how well we did the last time and look at the congressional districts, these were not liberal or what you might call progressive districts. These are basically moderate and conservative districts that we did well in, and in those districts, it’s going to be tough to hold onto these jobs if you have to make the case for accepting a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist.”

Buttigieg Questions 3rd Place Finish in Nevada, Cites Errors

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Are these sour grapes from Mayor Pete due to his third-place finish?

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Pete Buttigieg’s campaign has questioned his third-place finish in Nevada’s caucuses and called for the state’s Democratic party to release a more detailed breakdown of votes and address reports of more than 200 problems allocating votes in Saturday’s caucuses.

But the Nevada State Democratic Party is suggesting that Buttigieg’s campaign seek a recount if it wants to challenge results.

In a letter sent to the state party late Saturday night and provided to The Associated Press on Sunday, the Buttigieg campaign said the process of integrating four days of early voting into in-person caucuses held Saturday was “plagued with errors and inconsistencies.”

The campaign also said it received reports that volunteers running caucuses did not appear to follow rules that could have allowed candidates to pick up more support on a second round of voting.

Bernie Sanders won Nevada’s caucuses, with Joe Biden a distant second and Buttigieg in third.

“Currently our data shows that this is a razor-thin margin for second place in Nevada, and due to irregularities and a number of unresolved questions we have raised with the Nevada Democratic Party, it’s unclear what the final results will be,” Buttigieg’s deputy campaign manager Hari Sevugan said in a statement.

Nearly 75,000 people cast votes during four days of early caucus voting — almost as many Democrats who participated in Nevada’s 2016 caucuses. Their votes, cast at sites anywhere in the county, had to be routed by the party back to the voter’s home precinct and added to the in-person votes cast Saturday by their neighbors.

Buttigieg’s campaign said it received more than 200 reports of problems merging the early votes, including cases where the early votes weren’t used, were incorrectly read or the wrong early vote data matching another precinct was used to calculate whether a candidate had enough support.

The claim matches a Biden campaign precinct captain who told The Associated Press he witnessed two precincts on Saturday where caucus organizers announced midway through that they had switched the vote numbers for the precincts, before switching them back and forth at least four times.

The Buttigieg campaign called for the party to release more detail of the votes, including a breakdown of early votes cast by home precincts.

Nevada Democratic Party spokeswoman Molly Forgey said the party is continuing to verify and report results and is not going to offer a more detailed breakdown than it already planned to provide.

“As laid out in our recount guidance, there is a formal method for requesting a challenge of results,” Forgey said.

The party’s rules say any request for a recount must be filed by 5 p.m. Monday.

The Buttigieg campaign did not immediately have a comment on whether it intended to seek a recount.


Trump Dominates Polls as More Americans Say They’re Satisfied Than They Ever Were Under Obama

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This election can only be lost by President Trump.

President Donald Trump’s chances of being re-elected in November are starting to look even better.

A new poll shows more Americans are satisfied “with the way things are going in the U.S.” than they have been in 15 years, at the start of President George W. Bush’s second term.

The poll from Gallup also showed that the president’s approval rating has hit 49 percent, which “greatly increases Trump’s chances of being re-elected.”

“Trump’s elevated job approval rating comes at a time when Americans are increasingly positive about the state of the nation,” Gallup reported.

“The percentage who are satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. had already improved from 36% to 41% in a Jan. 3-16 poll, before the rise in Trump’s job approval rating in late January.”

Gallup surveyed a random sample 1,028 adults between Feb. 3 and Feb. 16, and reported a margin of error of plus- or minus-4 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence level

“The latest survey finds a further increase in national satisfaction, with 45% now satisfied, the highest since February 2005,” the organization said in a news release.

Republicans support Trump’s job performance to the tune of 93 percent, the poll showed, while just 6 percent of Democrats say he’s doing a good job.

But the most important number in the poll might be Trump’s approval rating among independents, which is at an all-time high of 43 percent.

According to Gallup, “63% of U.S. adults rate current economic conditions as either excellent or good. Just 9% rate them as poor.”

“By 61% to 33%, Americans say the economy is getting better rather than worse,” Gallup added.

“Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index, a summary of ratings of current conditions and whether the economy is getting better or worse, is +41,” it added. “This is essentially the same as last month, but both readings represent a return to the prior high of +44 in October 2000.”

Gallup noted that “23% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, matching January’s reading, but down slightly from 27% in December.”

But the bottom line for Democrats is that their efforts to remove Trump from office via impeachment backfired, as did their efforts to connect him to Russia.

Nothing they have done with the intention of inuring Trump has worked. Instead, their pathetic attempts to boot him from office have only ended up injuring them.

In November, Democrats will have to pay the price for their arrogance.

But whether or not this actually changes their strategy after that remains to be seen.

Demand for U.S. Welding Jobs Grows as Student Interest in Trade School Declines

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We have been told that if you become anything you need to go to college.

But a big chunk of us myself included are not college material.

I think more emphasis needs to be placed on trade schools and less in a college education.

Demand for U.S. welding jobs continues to rise as fewer students are seeking out trade school as a career path.

There will be so much demand for welding jobs that the American Welding Society (AWS) estimates that by 2023, there will be a shortage of more than 375,000 welders to fill those slots.

“There’s a lot of welding spots out there that have to be filled,” Pennsylvania College of Technology (PCT) student Alex Bibber told Fox News.

AWS researchers say there are several reasons why there is such a demand for workers.

“The shortage is due to attrition. Whether it is retirements, people leaving the industry, or people moving and advancing. It’s also due to a negative perception of welding,” said Monica Pfarr, the executive director of the AWS Foundation.

Pfarr also noted that many students choose universities over trade schools.

“There’s that [belief that] everybody needs a four-year degree if you’re going to be successful, and that’s just not the case,” said Pfarr, adding that fewer high schools are giving students the option of enrolling in trade schools.

There are also stigmas surrounding the profession that it is dangerous.

“Just ’cause you’re a girl, you know, people think it’s a dangerous job. They think it’s dirty, you know, you’re not going to be able to do it. But it’s just another thing. It doesn’t bother me at all,” said PCT student Natalie Rhoades.

PCT in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is doing its best to change those negative stigmas against trade schools. The trade school just completed a $7 million welding lab, making it one of the largest in the country.

Students can earn a certificate, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree in welding at school, and many students with an associate’s degree start out making $40,000 per year.

Blue-collar worker wages have been rising faster than white-collar salaries because of the differences in demands from employers, Breitbart News reported last month. Skilled labor, like welding, can drive up wages.

Bad News For Bloomberg As Post-Debate Poll Shows Staggering Fall In Favorability

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Little Mikey Bloomberg does not have to worry about this scaring off donors as he does not have any he is spending his own money.

On Friday, Morning Consult released a new national poll conducted before and after the Democratic primary debate, which was held in Nevada on Wednesday. The poll showed a staggering downward trajectory in “favorability” for billionaire late-entrant Michael Bloomberg.

Wednesday was the first time Bloomberg had qualified for a Democratic primary debate.

The poll, which was conducted between February 12-17 and February 20 “among 2,609 voters who indicated they may vote in the Democratic primary or caucus in their state,” shows Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) moving from 28% support to 30%, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) moving from 10% to 12%.

Former Vice President Joe Biden remained steady at 19% support before and after the debate, while former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) each lost one percentage point, 12% to 11% and 6% to 5%, respectively.

Bloomberg fell slightly outside the margin of error, moving from 20% support to 17% support before and after the debate. This may seem like a minor step down, but considering the timing coinciding with his first public challenge at the hands of the other Democratic candidates, it could be indicative of a more dire trend.

Looking further, the Morning Consult poll asked respondents about candidate favorability. For Bloomberg, the results were a disaster. In every demographic category except for one, his favorability plummeted following Wednesday’s debate performance.

Overall, Bloomberg’s net favorability change after the debate was -20 points.

Among men, it was -21 points; among women, it was -18; among liberals, it was -20; among moderates, it was -30; among African Americans, it was -16; and among whites, it was -20 points.

The only category where Bloomberg actually gained net favorability was among conservative “potential Democratic primary voters,” where he gained +2 points following the debate.

Eli Yokley of Morning Consult notes: “No other candidate saw notable change in net favorability, including Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg of Indiana, whose back-and-forth was the other headline of the night.”

According to the RealClearPolitics average of national polls, Michael Bloomberg sits in third place with 15.2%, behind first place Sanders with 28.7% and second place Biden with 17.3% support.

That said, Bloomberg didn’t compete in Iowa, the first in the nation caucus, or in New Hampshire. The billionaire is not on the ballot in Saturday’s Nevada Caucuses or in South Carolina, which holds its primary on February 29.

The first time Bloomberg will appear on ballots is March 3, known as “Super Tuesday,” when 14 states, American Samoa, and “Democrats Abroad” will hold their primaries. States voting on March 3 include California, Texas, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

Since announcing his candidacy on November 24, Bloomberg has spent approximately “$452 million on advertising,” according to NPR.

In January alone, per FEC filings, Bloomberg spent $220,620,862. Aside from Tom Steyer, the other billionaire in the race who is self-funding his campaign, the closest any other candidate has come to Bloomberg in terms of spending is current front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders, who in January spent $26,534,551.

‘Moderate’ Democrat Bloomberg Perfectly Echoes Stalinist Dictator Fidel Castro on Gun-grabbing

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Never mind what Little Mikey Bloomberg says about being a moderate he is a hardcore leftist.

“.. It’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot. You just do not want the average (U.S.) citizen carrying a gun…”-Michael Bloomberg, Jan. 4, 2020 

“Guns? What for?…to fight the government? The Cuban people don’t need guns nowadays.” –Fidel Castro during his very first speech upon entering Havana Jan. 8, 1959

Jack Wilson, the “average U.S. citizen” that inspired Michael Bloomberg’s Castroite declaration, saved the lives of countless fellow “deplorables” when he expertly whacked—with one perfect shot—a murderous criminal at West Freeway Church of Christ in the famous Texas Church shooting in White Settlement, Texas, on December 29th.

Shortly, Texas Gov. Abbott honored the citizen-hero Jack Wilson with his state’s highest civilian honor, the “Governor’s Medal of Courage”:

“So many lives were saved because of Jack Wilson’s quick action, his calmness under pressure, and above all else his courage and his willingness to risk his own life to save the lives of others,” Abbott said during the ceremony. “Only God knows who is alive today because of Jack Wilson.”

Apparently that sort of thing disgusts Michael Bloomberg. Heck, White Settlement, Texas, even sounds like a town full of farmers! Those dumb brutes! For all Bloomberg knew, Wilson might have been a farmer himself!

At any rate, shortly after Fidel Castro’s famous speech, the process of gun confiscation started in Cuba—but gradually. Initially it was aimed at disarming rival revolutionary groups, who had fought Batista but weren’t Communist-backed.

But soon the definition of these “rival revolutionaries” grew pretty sweeping. It started to include just about every Cuban with a gun. Significantly, Castro’s famous anti-gun speech was proclaimed a full two years before he came out of the closet as a full-fledged Marxist-Leninist.

As it turned out, the few guns still in the hands of (mostly redneck, yes those “dumb” people Bloomberg sneers at) Cubans from 1960-1966 caused great panic for the Soviet satrap Castroites. These few guns resulted in the only genuine Cuban guerrilla war of the 20th century. And it can’t be repeated often enough—it was fought against the utterly bogus “rural guerrillas” Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

Can somebody please inform Bernie Sanders of the above guerrilla war?  Because Bernie claims: “In 1959 everybody was totally convinced that Fidel Castro was the worst guy in the world and all of the Cuban people were going to rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro…They forgot that he educated their kids, gave their kids healthcare, totally transformed the society…..So they expected this tremendous uprising in Cuba, but it never came.”

Farm collectivization was no more voluntary in Cuba than in the Ukraine. And Cuba’s Kulaks (“deplorables”) had guns, a few at first anyway. Around 1960 thousands of Cuba’s enraged campesinos (rural folk, who Bloomberg sneers at) grabbed their guns and started fighting desperately as Castro and Che Guevara started stealing their land to build Soviet Kolkhozes, while murdering and jailing all who resisted.

This insurgency, 90 miles from the U.S. shores, involved 10 times the number of rebels, 10 times the number of casualties and more than twice the amount of time as the teeny little skirmish against Batista. Had the rebels gotten a fraction of the aid the Afghan Mujahideen received, they would have been victorious.

I won’t bother asking if you’ve ever heard of this ferocious insurgency on our very doorstep from The FAKE History Channel, FAKE News Media, or your professors. These valiant and desperate insurgents were fighting the Worldwide Left’s premier pin-up boys: Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. That’s all you need to know about the media/ Hollywood silence. This (thoroughly-documented) insurgency turns on its very head everything the Media/Hollywood complex would have us believe about Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

Quite interestingly, when “brutal fascist dictator!” Batista ran Cuba, everybody from The New York Times to Look to Boys Life (really!) was perfectly free to traipse around the island at their every whim, “reporting” on the (utterly bogus) guerrilla war (i.e. transcribing Castro and Che’s lies.) But don’t take it from me. After all I have “an axe to grind!” Fine, take it from Che Guevara himself from his diaries:  “Much more valuable than rural recruits for our Cuban guerrilla force were American media recruits to export our propaganda.”

Alarmed by the widespread and savage (and utterly unreported by the worldwide media) insurgency, Castro and Che sent a special emissary named Flavio Bravo whimpering to their Bolshevik sugar-daddy Khrushchev. “We are on a crusade against kulaks like you were in 1930,” whimpered this old–line Cuban Communist party member.

In short order, Soviet military “advisors,” still flush from their success against their own campesinos in the Ukrainian Holocaust were rushed to Cuba.

This anti-Stalinist rebellion found no intrepid U.S. reporters anywhere near Cuba’s hills. What came to be known as The Bay of Pigs invasion was originally planned as a link-up with the Cuban resistance of the time, which was more numerous (per-capita) than the French resistance before D-Day.

Che Guevara had a very bloody (and typically cowardly) hand in one of the major anti-insurgency wars on this continent. Many of these anti-communist redneck/guerrillas were executed on the spot upon capture, a Che specialty. “We fought with the fury of cornered beasts,” said one to describe their desperate freedom fight against the Soviet occupation of an island 90 miles from U.S. shores through their proxies Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

In fact, if Cuba’s anti-Castro rebels had gotten similar help from the U.S. as George Washington’s anti-British rebels got from France, some murderers and bandits named Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would get less Wikipedia space today than Pancho Villa. In fact, more French troops fought and died at Yorktown than did colonial rebels.

Small arms shipments from these (genuine) Cuban guerrillas’ compatriots in south Florida were their major lifeline. But Kennedy’s Missile-Crisis “solution” (swindle) with Khrushchev cut this lifeline. It’s a tribute to the power of Castroite/Fake News Media/Hollywood mythology that even with all this information a matter of public record for almost half a century the academic/Fake News Media/Hollywood mantra (gloat, actually) still has Castro, “defying ten U.S. Presidents!”

What a pathetic joke. Instead, Cuba’s own sons were sandbagged by a U.S. president from “nation-building” in their own nation on America’s very doorstep—and where a free and prosperous nation that attracted waves of first-world immigrants had actually existed only a few years earlier.

Later U.S. presidents, mostly relying on Deep State “experts,” sent hundreds of thousands of America’s sons across vast oceans to “nation-build” in places where “nation-building” had the same chance as a snowball in Hades.

Fox News Presses John Kerry About Those Apparent Logan Act Violations

H/T Fox News.

If the government can prove violations of the Logan Act I would like to see Kerry and Murphy charged.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is still facing flak for secretly meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif while attending the Munich Security Conference in Germany last week. Critics insist he violated the Logan Act, which prohibits unauthorized American citizens from negotiating with foreign governments and officers.

“A lack of dialogue leaves nations guessing about their enemy’s intentions, and guessing wrong can lead to catastrophic mistakes,” he said in defense.

Murphy’s meeting has also prompted renewed scrutiny over former Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with Iranians a few years ago as Trump was trying to pressure the regime.

As the Trump administration sent warplanes and an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, a small group of former Obama administration officials reached out to their contacts in the Iranian government, including Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Their message to Iran: Don’t take Trump’s bait. Stay calm. (The Daily Beast)

“John Kerry violated the Logan Act,” Trump said at the time. “He’s talking to Iran and has has [sic] many meetings and many phone calls and he’s telling them what to do. That is total violation of the Logan Act.”

He repeated those claims this week.

Donald J. Trump


John Kerry and Senator Chris Murphy grossly violated the Logan Act with respect to Iran. If a Republican did what they did, there would be very serious ramifications!

42.6K people are talking about this

When Trump accused Kerry of the same thing this week, he again denied it. This time he deflected to talking about Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s behavior toward Ukraine.

“Well, that’s once again another presidential lie,” Kerry said on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday. “A complete effort by the president to distort reality because if he knew anything about the law, he’d know I didn’t negotiate with anybody. I did what every senator and secretaries of state in history have done, which is continue to go to conferences abroad or have meetings in order to be well-informed. We engaged in no negotiation. But what he ought to do is focus on somebody called Rudy Giuliani, who’s been out there engaged in very direct negotiations in an effort to try to do a subterfuge foreign policy. So let’s get real here, which is something the president doesn’t like to do.”

Trump, he argued, is the one putting our country in danger by approving the killing of Iranian terror leader Qasem Soleimani without his definition of justification.

“It didn’t happen because Iran happened not to kill an American when they responded,” Kerry explained. “If they had killed an American, we would have been at war. That means the decision of whether to go to war was in fact dependent on the response of a country that is a regime none of us like. The question is, what do you do about that regime? How do you respond to it? The president has isolated us from France, Germany, Britain, China, Russia, all of whom not only signed the agreement but are trying to keep it alive. And so the president is on his own. If he had gone to war, the United Nations Security Council would not have been with the United States. Our allies would not have been with us. We’d have been on our own. That is not the way to put American soldiers at risk.”

Soleimani, you’ll remember, if responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American troops, orchestrating the recent attack on the U.S. embassy on Iraq, and was plotting more in the imminent future.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters traveling with him in Munich this week, including Townhall’s Katie Pavlich, that under Trump the U.S. must never cower to Iran.