Watch: Cop Shoots Through Window And Nails 2 Gun Toting Idiots

H/T Clash Daily.

Cue a family member saying the dead man didn’t do nuffing and did not deserve to be shot and killed.

Scenes like this will make you recalibrate what you mean by a ‘tough day at work’.

“Kelly praised Umana and Solomon as heroic.

“The officer could have backed off, but he didn’t,” he said, referring to Umana.
Source: ReviewJournal

Cop responding to a fleeing suspect not only had to catch him while driving, he had to return fire.

The way it resolved is a credit to his skill and training.


A cop in Vegas was responding to reports of a shooting. Two armed suspects were driving away. He gave chase, and they were shooting at him.

The hero cop warned his backup to ‘stay back’ as he gave chase. Even still, the other cop’s car and a civilian car were hit by the gunfire.

The footage from Wednesday morning shows officer William Umana following Fidel Miranda, 22, and Rene Nunez, 30, and yelling “shots fired, shots fired” into his radio. When another police car joined the chase, Umana warned the officer to stay back. The second officer’s car was hit by bullets at least twice, and the officer could not finish the chase, Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said at a briefing Monday.

As the chase neared its end, Umana, 43, pulled his car closer to the SUV and fired 11 shots through his windshield and seven shots through his open window.

Nunez exited the car as it was still moving near Hollingsworth Elementary School, 1776 E. Ogden Ave., and ran up steps outside of the school and attempted to enter, but the door was locked, Kelly said.

Miranda moved to the driver’s seat and attempted to back up toward Umana, Kelly said. Umana left his car and continued to fire while plainclothes officer Paul Solomon, 46, approached the passenger-side door.

Solomon fired his shotgun once and hit Miranda. The SUV came to a stop at the north wall of the school, and Miranda was handcuffed while medical was called, Kelly said.
Source: ReviewJournal

One criminal was shot dead. The survivor faces a stack of charges.

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