WATCH: Citizen Comes to Aid of Officer, Body Slams Suspect

H/T Breitbart’s Big Government.

This guy did an excellent takedown of this thug.


Body cam footage shows a citizen come to the aid of an Provo, Utah, police officer by apprehending and body slamming the suspect on concrete.

The video begins by showing an officer walking around at a gas station checking vehicle occupants in search for a suspect in a gray shirt. He talks to one individual, concludes he is not the suspect, then turns to see the suspect walking across the parking lot.

The officer approaches the suspect and asks if he is alright, citing a call that the suspect had allegedly been walking around asking for water. The suspect quickly becomes agitated and allegedly reaches for something on the officer’s belt, then resists arrest when the officer grabs his arm.

The officer and the suspect grapple before the suspect breaks free and runs. The officer gives chase and a citizen intervenes:

After slamming the suspect to the ground the citizen quickly moves to the side so the officer can take over. The officer tells the citizen “thanks” then continues with the apprehension.


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