California High School Student Booted From Class for Wearing NRA T-Shirt

H/T Fox News Insider.

I am not surprised by this as Commiefornia is so anti-Second Amendment.


A teacher in California reportedly kicked a student out of his history class for wearing a T-shirt advertising the National Rifle Association.

The teacher at Lodi High School lectured two teens last Friday about why guns are bad after they both wore NRA shirts, according to CBS Sacramento.

Charlene Craig told the news outlet that both her 15-year-old daughter and another student refused to remove their NRA shirts, and that the second student was subsequently sent to the principal’s office.

“I think he’s there to teach,” Craig said of the teacher in question. “I don’t think he’s there to discuss his personal beliefs.”

The T-shirts featured an NRA logo on the front. On the back of the shirt, red, white and blue shell casings formed an American flag with the words “National Rifle Association” below.

The shirt did not feature an image of a firearm. The school’s dress code states that students are not permitted to wearing clothing depicting weapons.

The school’s administration reviewed the shirt in question and found that it didn’t violate the Lodi Unified School District’s dress code.

The school district also reportedly plans to re-inform its staff about dress code policies.


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