TX Democrat Candidate for Governor, Lupe Valdez, Loses Department Issued Pistol

H/T The Truth About Guns.

If a civilian in Texas had lost this gun Loopy Lupe Valdez would be screaming how irresponsible the average gun owner is and that is why gun control is needed.


Lupe Valdez is the former sheriff of Dallas County, Texas, serving in that elected position from 2005 to 2017. These days she’s the Democrat candidate for governor, running against incumbent Greg Abbott. According to multiple news sources like the Dallas News, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and CBS News, Valdez was issued a Beretta Model 92SF back in 2011. But the pistol was never returned and Valdez has apparently lost it.

In an email sent to Dallas News from her campaign spokesman;

“As mentioned in the report, it is possible that this weapon could have been stolen or misplaced during Sheriff Valdez’s moving transition and she is working with the Dallas County Sheriff Department to locate the firearm,” Juan Bautista Dominguez – Valdez Campaign Spokesman.

Valdez is a clear underdog in the race. Texas hasn’t elected a Democrat governor in 28 years. Her biggest selling point seems to be that she’d be the state’s first Latino governor if elected.

What makes the lost firearm story so delicious is that Valdez is campaigning on a gun control agenda.

On guns, Valdez said she supports the concealed carry of handguns but opposed recently enacted Republican priorities to allow guns to be openly carried in holsters and to be carried concealed into university buildings and dorms.

She also said she supports stricter background checks for gun sales, limits on high-capacity magazines and removing guns from people involved in domestic abuse and other violent situations.

Another prominent plank in her “gun safety” agenda: safe gun storage laws.

And, she wrote, “We also should enact new safety requirements that hold parents accountable if reckless storage of weapons allows children to gain access to a firearm that they shouldn’t have been able to reach. A vast majority of students who commit violence at schools acquire their weapons from a family member’s home. This is a simple step that would encourage more cautious storage of weapons.”

Gun-grabber, heal thyself.

As my abuelo (grandfather) used to say, Dijo la sartén a la caldera, Quítate allá ojinegra (talk about the the pot calling the kettle black).



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