Shopify Bans Sites Selling Commonly Owned Semiautomatic Firearms

H/T Breitbart California.

No big surprise as Shopify is a weenie Canadian company.

Until reading this article I had never heard of Shopify.

Shopify announced Monday it had updated its “Acceptable Use Policy” with the result that sites selling commonly owned semiautomatic firearms will be barred from using the e-commerce platform.

Shopify’s updated Acceptable Use Policy page contains a “restricted items” list which includes firearms as:

  • an automatic firearm that has not been rendered inoperable
  • a semi-automatic firearm that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine, with one or more of the following items:
    • magazine capable of accepting more than 10 rounds
    • bump stock
    • rapid fire trigger activator or trigger crank
    • barrel shroud
    • thumbhole stock
    • threaded barrel capable of accepting a flash suppressor, sound suppressor or silencer
    • grenade or rocket launcher
    • flash suppressor, sound suppressor or silencer
    • pistol grip (or in the case of a pistol, a second pistol grip)
    • forward pistol grip
  • a semi-automatic firearm that has a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds

The “restricted” list also includes “firearms without serial numbers, ghost guns and 3D printed guns, including blueprints for such guns,” among other items.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Shopify explained their updated list of restrictions via a statement which said, “From time to time, Shopify reviews and amends the terms, conditions and policies governing the use of our platform. We have recently amended our acceptable use policy to restrict the sale of certain firearms and parts on our platform.”


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