Louisiana Strikes Back At Anti-Gun Financial Industry

H/T Bearing Arms.

More pro second amendment states need to hit back at these anti-gun banks and businesses and refuse to let them do business in the pro-gun states.

I have canceled my credit cards with Citi Bank.

Following the horrors of Parkland, the financial industry decided to step in to try to kill the firearm industry. They started making it difficult for companies to conduct business because they didn’t like the kind of legal business they conducted.

It should be noted, however, that it doesn’t seem like these companies are doing anything about marijuana dispensaries in states like Colorado or California, despite those at least still being illegal at the federal level. Nope. Just the firearm industry.

The pressures from the financial industry against guns has filtered over into other services businesses need, causing still more problems.

In Louisiana, they’re looking to strike back at these shenanigans.

A Louisiana commission voted Thursday to block two banking giants from taking part in a new highway project, moving to punish the companies for gun control policies they adopted after the Parkland, Florida, school shooting this year.

Citigroup and Bank of America had said they would work only with retailers who agreed to new restrictions on gun purchases — rules stricter than what federal law requires.

Louisiana’s bond commission said it wouldn’t tolerate that kind of bullying over a constitutional right and voted 7-6 to block the companies from gaining a piece of the financing for a $600 million highway plan.

The move wasn’t without controversy. Opponents of the measure fear that it will open the state up for a lawsuit. Attorney General Jeff Landry argued that the state has “discretion to determine whether or not we want [an] agent to represent the state that restricts the Second Amendment rights that our citizens have.”

Frankly, if the financial industry decides to make an argument that people can’t make business decisions based on politics, it’ll come back to bite them in the rear. I mean, isn’t that what they’re doing with guns?

In the wake of Parkland, the financial industry started deciding to pick winners and losers in this debate. The governor of New York, where most of these companies are headquartered, encouraged this kind of thing with his warnings about doing business with the NRA. Governor Andrew Cuomo and the financial industry drew a line in the sand. They just didn’t think anyone would notice.

Well, we did, and there are repercussions for what they pulled. This is just one example.

Make no mistake, though. There will be more. There are a lot of people who won’t even look at Citigroup or Bank of America for their banking needs. Still, others left the banks after their announcements. But these are small potatoes. They’ll amount to a lot long term, but they can also delude themselves as to the causes of their falling fortunes.

This, however, is a smack in the face. If every pro-gun state did stuff like this, among anything else they can legally do, it would send a message that this isn’t the best move in the world. While Gov. Cuomo may run New York, he doesn’t get to determine the fate of the rest of this great nation.


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