Pharmacist Stops Two Robbers Armed with AR15 in Maryland

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Amazing a dreaded black rifle stops two armed robbers in Maryland.


PRINCESS ANNE, Md. –-( When 22-year-olds Cody Allen King and Justin Michael Bull decided to rob a local pharmacy in Maryland they thought that there would be little resistance. Maryland has some of the most draconian gun laws in the country. Statistics show that these gun laws have little to no effect on crime. So, these two would be robbers had nothing to worry about while committing their planned robbery.

Yet, they did have something to worry about in this instance. The alleged robbers entered the Karemore Pharmacy in Princess Anne Maryland with a modern sporting rifle. The two suspects ordered everyone to get down on the ground like a scene out of a movie.

Wasim Amir, the pharmacist on duty, was sitting in his office watching the robbery taking place. He decided he wasn’t going to let his customers and co-workers be in danger from two gunmen who could open fire at any time. Amir grabbed his revolver that he kept in his desk and entered the pharmacy.

Amir yelled at the man holding the rifle before firing two shots at the suspects. Upon taking fire from a good guy with a gun, these two would be bad guys with a gun decided to flee the scene rather than be shot.

Amir thwarted the robbery, and he became a hero in the process of possibly saving other people’s lives. The police responded to the scene and determined that Amir did not hit anyone with his shots, but they were enough to chase the robbers away.

Police took King and Bull into custody a short time later. AmmoLand does not have a clear picture of how police were able to identify the suspects and apprehend them. Police are holding both suspects on multiple charges including attempted armed robbery with a firearm. Although our sources confirmed that police are filing other charges against the two men, it is unclear to what those charges are at the time of this writing.

As for Amir, he owned the gun legally, and police have not filed any charges against the pharmacist, and no charges are expected to be filed.

For years, the NRA has been pushing the slogan, “the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Anti-gun rights advocate claim that this statement is a myth, but gun rights advocates say this incident is just one in a long line of examples that gets glossed over in the mainstream media.

In 2017 Stephen Willeford, an NRA instructor with an AR-15, stopped the Sutherland church shooter. They also point to the attempted school shooting at Prince Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia where an armed guard stopped the shooter before he could kill any students.

They point to the fact that even in Maryland, there have been other examples of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun. On March 20th of this year, a school shooter at Great Mills High School was stopped by a school resources officer with a firearm. Anti-gun advocates consider these incidents as outliers.

Gun rights advocates also point to the rise in violent crime in Maryland since the state started passing more stringent gun laws. For example, carjackings in Maryland have more than doubles since 2013. Other nearby states have only seen a 4% increase on average.

There is no information to when King and Bull will appear in court.


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