I Hope This Chick Has The Most Unbearably Difficult Year In Prison EVER.

H/T Right Wing Folks.

This despicable pile of human debris accused two football players of rape then she says oops it did not happen and only gets one year.

I was Damned close to losing my Second Amendment rights due to a charge of domestic violence by my now ex-wife.

Fortunately for me, I did not have any arrests or was even questioned about domestic abuse.

Yet my now ex-wife was never charged with perjury because the prosecutor said she checked the domestic violence box by mistake.

Yet she swore under oath she was a victim of domestic violence.

There were ten items on the page with the domestic violence charge line but the domestic violence line was the only one checked so how in the Hell was it a mistake.

Hey, radical feminists? You take this chick. She’s the worst of the worst, and she needs to be with other man-hating lunatics. Normal women don’t want anything to do with this hag.

According to the sourcelink, former Connecticut college student Nikki Yovino, now 20, was sentenced yesterday to one year in jail after pleading guilty earlier this summer to falsifying a rape incident and lying to police. She claimed to have been raped by two football players at an off-campus party back in 2016, and then later finally admitted making up the whole story so she wouldn’t screw up a relationship with a potential new boyfriend.

Until yesterday, the two accused players had remained anonymous, but one came forward during the sentencing to read his victim impact statements to the court. He spoke about lasting anxiety as a result of the false accusations. He talked about being expelled from school, losing his scholarship and missing out on his dream to play football, and his debt of 30k. And you know what that heinous hag did while he spoke?

She rolled her damn eyes. Watch.

Apparently, someone who was standing close to her during the proceedings also claimed that she audibly groaned and showed no remorse, according to the sourcelink.

Her attorney, of course, denies this (even though the video makes it obvious), claiming that the day had been “difficult” for Nikki and her family. Well boo freaking hoo.

Her one year jail sentence results from a plea deal Yovino took – she’d originally been charged with felony tampering with evidence and misdemeanor falsifying incident report. But her plea deal reduced her charges and her sentence to just a year behind bars.

Both of the accused players are considering suing her in civil court, and I hope they do. I hope they pursue every possible avenue of justice and that this chick serves as an example to other seahags out there who’d ever considering doing something like this.

In his sentencing, the judge apparently expressed hope that Yovino would spend her time behind bars “contemplating her actions” but based on her reaction during the proceeding, I think that’s highly unlikely.

#Metoo movement crusaders want all women to be believed, but they forget that women like Nikki Yovino exist.

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