Man Holding Infant Pulls Gun, Shoots Attacker Dead

H/T Breitbart’s Big Government.

An armed man saves his own life and his infant’s life from a crazed attacker.

A man holding an infant in Redding, California, pulled a gun Wednesday night and shot an attacker dead.

KRCR reports that the man, 31-year-old Travis Hutchinson, was at a home helping “his girlfriend’s cousin study for a math test” when a fight broke out among other individuals in the dwelling. The fight ultimately moved outside after the homeowner threatened to call police.

Hutchison went out on the porch with a four-month-old infant in arms and tried to persuade the two individuals to quit fighting. Police indicate “the attacker became enraged with Hutchinson, charged him and began striking him in the head and face while Hutchinson was still holding the infant.”

Hutchison was hit so hard that he dropped the baby, but was able to quickly catch the child before it hit the ground. Hutchison continued to receive blows to the head and eventually pulled his gun and shot the attacker once in the chest.

The attacker died at the scene.

As people ran on the porch Hutchison told them to call police. He then waited for officers to arrive and explained what happened. Police indicated that Hutchison’s statements were “consistent with information provided by witnesses.”

Hutchison has a concealed carry permit.


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