Chicago Poverty & Violence is Foretaste of America Run by Democrats

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Just look at the poverty and crime in any major U.S. city and they are being run by DemocRats.

On Monday, a group of Chicago citizens took to the streets near O’Hare International Airport to demonstrate the against the poverty and violence that has gripped the city for a number of years. The group of protesters were led by Rev. Gregory Livingston.

This was the third such protest in the area, only this time, as the protesters attempted to block traffic to one of the nation’s busiest airports, they were arrested. After his arrest, Livingston told the media:

“This shows that we’re willing to sacrifice our freedom for the freedom of others. We want to end the ‘tale of two cities’ in the city of Chicago.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel commented:

“Our souls are burdened. It is unacceptable to happen in any neighborhood of Chicago. We are a better city.”

Latest: Chicago Poverty & Violence is Foretaste of America Run by Democrats

Why the protests?

There have been 1,026 people shot in Chicago since Memorial Day, a reduction of 15% over the same time period as last year. Since May 26, the city has had 162 murders. The press refers to the murders as homicides, which is what they are, but homicides doesn’t sound as bad as murders just like undocumented immigrant doesn’t sound as bad as illegal alien or social justice doesn’t sound as bad as socialism.

Emanuel is calling for more gun control as his method of solving the rampage of gun violence in the Windy City. Illinois, Cook County and Chicago combined have some pretty strict gun control laws, and yet there are plenty of guns on the streets. The majority of the gun violence in Chicago is gang related and since gangs already ignore the laws, Emanuel believes that he can quell the epidemic with even more laws that the gang members will ignore.

Between the city, Cook County and Illinois, the Windy City has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation and like Los Angeles and Baltimore, the city ranks in the top five for homicides. As of May 20, 2018, 935 people have been shot in Chicago and city leaders are happy because that’s 326 fewer in the same time period as in 2017, which saw 1,261 people shot by May 20 and in 2016, the total shot by May 20 was 1,370. However, they fear the worst is yet to come as traditionally, shootings in Chicago peak during the summer months with them occurring in the evenings, nights and weekends.

The rate may be going down but it’s still very high, especially for a location with such strict gun control laws on the books.

Consider the fact that Chicago has been run by Democrat mayors since 1931. For the past decade, they have been among the nation’s leading cities in shootings and violence. Between 2010 to 2017, Chicago leads the nation’s big cities for the number of people moving away, with nearly 300,000 people migrating to other places.

In March 2017, the Chicago Tribune ran a post titled – Chicago needs a war on poverty to stop the violence. In that article, it states:

“We already knew that the violence in Chicago is concentrated in communities where people lack basic resources. But a new report from the Chicago-based Heartland Alliance, for the first time, gives us a definitive look at how poverty, violence and trauma are interrelated. The report, ‘Cycle of Risk: The Intersection of Poverty, Violence, and Trauma,’ argues that the surge of violence in Chicago cannot be stopped without first understanding its root cause, which first and foremost, is poverty.”

But what is causing the poverty in Chicago? Could it have anything to do with 87-years of Democratic control?

The poverty and violence that is plaguing Chicago should be a warning to the rest of America as to what can and probably will happen if Democrats get back in control of Congress and the White House. Many Democrats are already running on campaigns to end the tax cuts which will cost jobs and throw the nation back into a possible recession or worse. After all, prosperity does not fit into a socialist regime.



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