Woman Who Was Called White Supremacist Sitting Behind Kavanaugh Gets Revenge in Best Possible Way

H/T Right Wing Folks.

This is hilarious payback.


Liberal leaders often get accused of seeing racism everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist.

There’s a reason they’re accused of that.

Liberal leaders often get accused of seeing racism everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist.

There’s a reason they’re accused of that.

One of the most explosive stories to come out of the first day of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing was a hand gesture a Republican woman sitting behind Kavanaugh covertly made as a signal to white supremacists that they have nothing to fear if the judge gets confirmed, the Washington Post reported. At least, that’s the story that spread across social media like wildfire.

As Zina Bash rested her hand on her arm, her thumb and index finger connected, creating what appeared to be the OK sign.

Eugene Gu, MD


Kavanaugh’s former law clerk Zina Bash is flashing a white power sign behind him during his Senate confirmation hearing. They literally want to bring white supremacy to the Supreme Court. What a national outrage and a disgrace to the rule of law. https://twitter.com/rubin_kd/status/1037033721235263488/video/1 

Is the OK symbol actual a white power symbol? No. The Anti-Defamation League wrote about it last year, pointing out someone made a joke about it being a white power symbol. The joke went viral, and, apparently, some people believed it.

Even the Post mocked the hysteria that surrounded the viral theory that Bash was using a hate symbol. Christian satire site The Babylon Bee got into the fun as well, pointing out that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Colin Kaepernick have also flashed the same symbol.

Bash herself rebuke the conspiracy theorists, telling them they “should be ashamed of themselves.”

Her husband also released a statement, pointing out that, “Zina is Mexican on her mother’s side and Jewish on her father’s side. She was born in Mexico. Her grandparents were Holocaust survivors. We of course have nothing to do with hate groups, which aim to terrorize and demean other people — never have and never would.”

But then Bash on Thursday to trolled everyone that viciously accused her of being in league with racists.

And it was perfect.

With a smug look on her face, Bash flashed the symbol again — much more clearly this time — during the third day of the hearing. Now watch it on video (and in slow-mo):


Watch the final day of the hearing below:



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