BOMBSHELL: Ellison’s Accuser Releases Medical Records Documenting Alleged Abuse; Reveals How Democrats Have Treated Her

H/T Right Wing Folks.

The DemocRat hypocrisy is really deep in this case.

The DemocRats screaming about Brett Kavanaugh is a sexual predator because of unproven charges by a DemocRat operative.

Yet DemocRats are silent in this case with documented abuse by Keith Ellison.

Keith is a Muslim and that is one of the reasons DemocRats are looking the other in this case.

Because with Islam abusing women is condoned and encouraged by their Pedophile Prophet Mohammed.

Karen Monahan, the woman who claims that Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison (MN) abused her while the two were in a relationship, released what appears to be medical records on Wednesday that show she told her physician in 2017 that Ellison had physically and emotionally abused her and that she was afraid to speak up because she feared retribution.

Monahan released a photo of her medical report from 11/28/2017 on a Twitter account identified by numerous media outlets as being her account.

“She states that she was in a very stressful environment for years, emotional and physical abuse by a partner with whom she is now separated,” the report states. “She identifies the individual she was involved with as Congressman Ellison, and she is worried about retribution if she identifies him publicly.”

Karen Monahan@KarenMonahan01

When I post this, it gets deleted every time

The Free Beacon notes that Monahan claims that Ellison abused her as recently as 2016 and that “she agreed to sit down with investigators to discuss Ellison’s abuse, but he declined a meeting with her.”

Karen Monahan@KarenMonahan01

I told the investigator I would be happy to talk with @keithellison w/ them in the room. They asked Keith if he would be willing & he declined any meeting w/ me.

In a separate tweet this week, Monahan slammed the Democratic Party for its hypocrisy after it has encouraged the nation to believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser but has refused to take her allegations seriously.

Rose 🦅@rosiebudpisces

.@KarenMonahan01 Democrats say believe women, do they believe you…. 

Karen Monahan@KarenMonahan01

No, they don’t. I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party. I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing and healing from the abuse

Rose 🦅@rosiebudpisces

.@KarenMonahan01 Democrats say believe women, do they believe you…. 

Karen Monahan@KarenMonahan01

I didn’t break my silence for validation or any outcome. I did it for my own internal freedom and to stand w/ other survivors. I have nothing to prove to anyone, I simply shared my story. People can believe it or not. I don’t need anyone to affirm my humanity, I affirmed it.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez told the Washington Post’s “Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart” on Tuesday that he rebuilt trust in the DNC by hiring Ellison.


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