After Using Her, Feinstein Threw Ford Under the Bus with Jaw-Dropping Accusation

H/T Right Wing Folks.

Di-Fi like all DemocRats they are users and abusers they use the destroy people to accomplish their goals stopping President Trump.

The Kavanaugh and Ford hearings on Thursday were quite tedious and lengthy. It is not a shameful thing to say that one would find it hard to sit through the whole thing.

At the end of the hearings we got a chance to see the moving force of the whole thing in a line from the Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

The senator from California denied releasing it and also vouched for her staff as well as she said that they wouldn’t release it as well, after the accusations leaking the letter hit. Instead, she blamed it on a woman who was at this point expendable to her; Christine Blasey Ford is the woman I am talking about.

It began after Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz inspected the leakage.

“We also know that the Democrats on this committee engaged in a profoundly unfair process,” Cruz said.

“The ranking member had these allegations on July 30th and for sixty days, that was sixty days ago, the ranking member did not refer it to the FBI for investigation, the ranking member did not refer it to the full committee for an investigation.

“This committee could have investigated those claims in a confidential way that respected Dr. Ford’s privacy,” Cruz continued.

“Dr. Ford told this committee that the only people to whom she gave her letter, were her attorneys, the ranking member, and her member of Congress.

“And she stated that she and her attorneys did not release the letter, which means the only people who could have released the letter were either the ranking member (Sen. Feinstein) and her staff, or the Democratic member of Congress, because Dr. Ford told this committee those are the only people who had it.

“That is not a fair process,” Cruz said.

Sen. Feinstein was posed with two options, apology or denial. Where it all gets a bit messy is the fact that if she chose the denial option there wasn’t any attachment to take a rather spiteful third option with would mean throwing Christine Blasey Ford under the buss.

In the end, that is what she decided to do.

“Mr. Chairman, let me be clear, I did not hide Dr. Ford’s allegations. I did not leak her story, she asked me to keep it confidential and I kept if confidential as she asked,” Feinstein said in response.

“She apparently was stalked by the press, felt that what happened, she was forced to come forward, and her greatest fear was realized,” continued Feinstein.

“She’s been harassed, she’s had death threats, and she’s had to flee her home.”

Past blaming of the Republicans for the investigation they set in motion, which she described as “a partisan practice,” she further continued to tease the possible danger Ford was in.

“I was given some information by a woman who was very much afraid, who asked that it be held confidential, and I held it confidential until she decided that she would come forward,” Feinstein said.

Later, she was asked by Sen. John Cornyn if the staff had leaked the letter.

“I have not asked that question directly, but I do not believe — the answer is no,” Feinstein responded. “The staff, they did not.”

“Well, somebody leaked it if wasn’t you,” Cornyn said.

“I did not, I was asked to keep it confidential, and I’m criticized for that too!” she said.

“It’s my understanding that her story was leaked before the letter became public, and she testified that she had spoken to her friends about it and it’s most likely that that’s how the story leaked, and she had been asked by press.

“But it did not leak from us,” Feinstein concluded. “I assure you of that.”

It seems very likely that the letter was leaked because of this woman, she who thought was in danger. She seemed to do so by talking to her friends who were quite apt to put her in danger sheerly by advancing it on.

It had nothing and yet everything to do with the Democrat party.

All the meddles and problems within this entire affair can be tracked back to Dianne Feinstein. After all she is the one whose code-like statements helped touch the hearths of curiosity. She the one who called for an FBI investigation even though they had already put Kavanaugh’s background file to rest and went on further.

Christine Blasey Ford, after all, became quite expendable to her and “boy did she toss her.”



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