What if Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford has been telling the truth?

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

September 29th, 2018

Depending on how you vote and with which party you most closely identify, your ideas on this issue will likely very widely, particularly if you are involved with politics and what is trust upon us each and every day by the media.

If the left did this they would never win an election

As an individual who embarrassingly identifies himself most closely aligned with the circular firing squad of the gang that can’t shoot straight, this is certainly a reasonable question to ponder.

In addition, there are  significant differences among both parties on how they view the role of government.

As those  involved with the Ford defense team ramp up further their increasingly frantic protests and shrill complaints about the terms of engagement, through their rhetoric and demands, they expose even more clearly the terrifying reality behind their behavior and the agenda of their…

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I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a proud Deplorable.

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