ClashQuiz: What Has Welfare For Refugees Cost The U.S. In 10yrs – $23M $615M $123B?!

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These numbers are why we need the border wall and better border security.

We are not getting the best and brightest from many of these countries.

The cost for resettling refugees halfway around the world is astronomical. Here’s how astronomical it is…

A State Department report reveals that it’s to the tune of almost $100 BILLION to support 606,000 refugees in 10 years up to 2014.

But that’s only part of the cost.

The $96.6 billion cost rises to $126 billion when officials count the extra cost of paying for the refugees’ spouses and children, including U.S.-born children.

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The $126 billion bill is just for programs managed by the Department of Health and Human Services. It excludes additional taxpayers’ spending via state programs, as well as federal spending on Social Security, education, and housing programs, plus tax credits, says the State Department’s annual report to Congress on the refugee program.

Source: Breitbart

That’s a whole lot of dinero!

The high cost is going to continue because many of the refugees have little to no education, and are struggling with English. Also, former President Barack Obama imported an additional 155,000 refugees since 2014.

Education level: Respondents age 25 or older averaged 8.7 years of education before arrival; about half did not have a high school diploma upon arrival; and 29 percent of refugees age 25 or older listed their prior educational attainment as “none.” Among respondents age 18 and older, 16 percent were pursuing a degree of some kind, with most seeking high school equivalency.

English language proficiency: Respondents improved their English over time, but large deficits remain. Among refugees age 18 or older who had lived in the United States between 4.5 and 6.5 years, 53 percent spoke English “not well” or “not at all,” based on self-assessments.

Source: State Department

President Trump has disagreed with the Obama-era policy of refugee resettlement. He says that refugees should be resettled as close to their homeland that they can be for a couple of really good reasons.

  1. To save on costs. We can help more people by not flying people halfway around the world away from their country, language, and culture.
  2. Out of respect for their love of their country. It will be much easier for refugees to resettle and rebuild in their home countries, to make their countries great again.

Watch President Trump discuss refugee resettlement at the United Nations:

Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a much better plan for the refugees and the rebuilding of their homeland.



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