Christine Blasey Ford’s Attorneys Claim Senators Are Spreading ‘Lies’

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Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford says that Senators on the judiciary committee are lying to undermine her credibility.

My question is what credibility?

Attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford say members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have been spreading “lies” to undermine their client’s credibility when it comes to her claims that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school.

In a statement sent to senators, Ford’s attorneys Lisa Banks, Michael Bromwich, and Debra Katz presented explanations for what they called “numerous false claims” that have been repeated in recent weeks.

The attorneys began by saying the FBI investigation into Ford’s allegations was “not a meaningful investigation in any sense of the word” because the bureau did not interview Kavanaugh or Ford, both of whom had already been interviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ford’s legal team said that if she had been questioned by the FBI, she would have answered questions not asked during the Senate hearing and would have provided her therapist’s notes and the phone she used to correspond with a Washington Post reporter about the alleged assault.

“The suggestion that our refusal to give medical records to the Judiciary Committee bears on Dr. Ford’s credibility is completely false,” the attorneys wrote. “The Committee has released every document we have exchanged, and in the case of their letters to us, sometimes before we received them. We lost confidence in the Committee’s ability or desire to maintain the confidentiality of materials and information we provided, especially with respect to something as sensitive as medical records.”

In a letter to Ford’s attorneys the previous day, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said that turning these documents over to the FBI would be pointless, since “The FBI would simply turn over that evidence to the Senate.”

Next, her attorneys insisted they “timely provided” Ford “with all communications from the Majority’s staff and chose from the multiple options she was given by them.” They wrote that Ford’s statement during her testimony that she was “unclear” about her options for testifying was only in response to her understanding that Grassley himself “would have flown to California to speak with her.” They wrote that she “would have welcomed Senator Grassley and other Committee members to California but that was not one of the options offered by Committee staff,” and Ford wanted to speak to members of the committee directly.

Her attorneys also countered a claim that Ford wouldn’t fly out to testify because she had a fear of flying.

“At no time did members of Dr. Ford’s team advise Committee staff that she could not travel to Washington, D.C., because of her fear of flying,” they wrote. “Rather, staff was told that Dr. Ford could not travel on the schedule the Committee demanded because she was focused on taking measures to protect her family from threats, including death threats.”

Her attorneys added that she met with the FBI at that time to discuss the threats, and said she does, in fact, have a fear of flying that requires medication.

Finally, Ford’s attorneys reiterated their frustration that numerous people they identified as witnesses were not interviewed by the FBI, including the polygraph expert who administered the test to their client.

“We believe Christine Blasey Ford and we fully support her,” the statement concluded. “Senators claiming to want a dignified debate should not repeat lies constructed by the Judiciary Committee that were cynically designed to win support for Judge Kavanaugh.”

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NEW statement from Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team

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