Trump attacks the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry: Vows to lower prices to the consumer

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

October 8, 2018

On reading the headline above one would think this is a great deal for the consumer.

Is it?

Trump’s rhetoric is absurd, he sound like he is offering a plan similar to Obama’s ill-fated drug plan.

Is it the place of a sitting president to attack an industry because it is profitable?

President Trump a champion of capitalism is so far over his head on this one that his next step may lead him into quicksand.

Does he have the slightest clue about the cost of research and development to bring a single drug candidate to the market place?

First a target for the new chemical entity must be found, pharmacokinetics studies must be conducted on animals to determine a potential starting dose in humans.

Where do patents and exclusivity fit into the equation?(Source)

Surely he knows that the U.S. is among…

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