WATCH: David Hogg Returns to Show Off What Little He Knows About History!

H/T Right Wing Folks.

I guess math was not David Camera Hogg’s best subject in school.

David Hogg is still trying to be a thing. Adorable. Kyle Kashuv has gone back to school (see Disgraced Deputy Scot Peterson Complains, Kyle Kashuv Slams Him and Kyle Kashuv Mocks Anti-Gun Parkland Students with Twitter Photo Challenge). Hogg keeps giving interviews, demonstrating why he needs to be back in class. Instead of a gap year, maybe should take a correspondence course.

A correspondence course may have prevented interviews like this; the usual word nuggets we get from the Chinless Wonder. But there is one quotation you should think long and hard about. Because Hogg obviously didn’t.


We have to develop this courage when our political leaders refuse to have it. When politicians say, “Now is not the time to talk about this,” they were right, the time to talk about this was decades and centuries ago.

The Second Amendment, aka when our political leaders developed the courage to discuss guns, was passed in 1791. Over three hundred years ago. The Founders passed the amendment so Americans could protect themselves via firearms. Protect themselves not just from random dragoons getting too flimsy with a musket. But from chinless toadstools determined to take rights their rights. Leveraging emotions to do so. Which is a gutless move.

One hundred years is a century, three hundred years is multiple centuries. Which is also a crap ton of decades. So sorry, hoss. The Founders, who were much better politicians than the litany of fools we have now, already had the discussion. History books. Get some.

In all seriousness… do they not teach kids anything these days?

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