Hillary Jokes That All Black Men “Look The Same” … Is That Racist?

H/T Clash Daily.

Careers have been wrecked for less. Right, Meygan?

Just imagine the shit storm if ______ enter any Conservatives name had made this comment.

Careers have been ruined for less than this (Right Megyn?). Will the Media give Hillary a pass?

Because of the (D) after her name — and let’s be honest, the wealth and political connections the family name has carried since at least the 90s — Hillary tends to get a pass when she blurts out anything controversial.

The same media that trotted out dirt on Romney and Kavanaugh going all the way back to their high school days fell strangely silent about Hillary’s ‘Bimbo eruptions’ suppression of female victims, her infamous ‘superpredator’ comment.

Even the ‘hot sauce’ or ‘I ain’t in no ways tired’ pandering was largely ignored by the coverage of the “former future female President”.

Just days after Megyn Kelly was fired for a well-intentioned question about whether people with light-skin could dress up as black celebrities they admired (Diana Ross, specifically) we heard the following interaction in an interview featuring Hillary Clinton.

Here was the conversation:

The interviewer from the Q&A in New York with Recode on Friday mumbled her way through some questions:

What do you think of Corey Booker […] what do you think about him saying ‘kick them in the shins’ essentially, start to get to that political…

Hillary: Well That was Eric Holder.

Interviewer: Oh, Eric Holder, I’m sorry.

Hillary (grinning): I know they all look alike.

Interviewer: No they don’t.

Hillary: (Laughing)

Interviewer (nervous laughter): Oh, Well done!

Let’s pretend we’re the Mainstream media, and tell this story two different ways.

First, we’ll report it the way the Mainstream media would about any ‘beloved Democrat’. Then we’ll start over and tell the same story as though we were telling it about an ‘evil Republican’.

Version 1:

Hillary shows her lighter side as she shares a laugh while gently teasing an interviewer for getting a name wrong.

Version 2:

Racist Dog Whistle. Hillary signals to her base by invoking a racist trope after her interviewer accidentally gets a name wrong.

Let’s see what the public reaction looked like.

Reactions on Twitter ranged from ‘lighten up’ to ‘double standard’ to outright anger.

Some were a little more creative in how they weighed in:

Was it a harmless joke? A racist blunder? A double standard?


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