BLACK Burger King Employee Who Said ‘F*** You, You WHITE Piece Of Sh*t’ – Gets Bit By KARMA


H/T Clash Daily.

This attitude is a direct result of the racial hatred and the venom spewed by Bathhouse Barry Obama.

This employee at the fast food place learned the valuable lesson that you can’t swear and spew racial slurs at customers.

That’s a CLM — Career Limiting Move.

The good news is that she learned this at an entry-level job.

The bad news is that she thought this was ok at any job.

A Hispanic couple was at a North Miami Beach Burger King when a dispute over poor hygiene with an employee got heated.

The couple requested a refund when the manager touched her cell phone before handling their food. As one employee was assisting the couple with their request, another inserted herself into the situation and swore at the couple saying, ‘F*** you, you white piece of s**t.

The employee, unwillingly to work with the pair, shamed them for being white, although they are not.

She shouted at the pair, who had a crying baby in the car: ‘F*** you, you white piece of s**t… how about that? F*** you.’

It escalated further as the employee doubled-down on her tirade when she was told that she was wrong about their race.

The woman in the car said: ‘We’re not even white… we’re Hispanic. Get it right’ before another worker next to the angry employee slammed the drive-thru window shut.

The defiant worker opened the window again and called the woman a ‘fat b****’ and f***ing wh***.’

She then encouraged the couple to post the video of her racist rant online.

Of course, she probably didn’t think there would be any consequence to it.

The employee has since been fired for her outrageous behavior towards customers.

The woman in the car asked: ‘Are you threatening to kill me?’ The employee replied: ‘Did you hear me say that?,’ before the video concluded.

A Burger King spokesperson told the Miami Herald Monday: ‘The actions of this team member do not reflect the values of the Burger King brand.

‘We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior, and the individual is no longer with the company.’
Source: Daily Mail



She made sure to tell the couple that she had two parents and that her BK salary was just for livin’ the high life.

It’s not clear if she’s a student working part-time or if she’s just working at a fast food joint and living with her folks, but either way, she’s now unemployed.

Where do you go below entry-level job, anyway?

Well, the good news that in this roaring economy, maybe even this hateful bigot can get another job. As long as she changes her attitude and stops treating customers that way.


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