Illegal Alien Released by ‘Sanctuary City’ Goes On to Murder Three Americans

H/T Eagle Raising.

This is why we need to have a border wall and extreme vetting as we are not getting the best and brightest immigrants.

An illegal alien who was released by a so-called “sanctuary city” went on to murder three innocent Americans after his release, a report says.

Luis Perez, 23, was released by a New Jersey jail despite that there was a federal detention request filed against him, a request that a New Jersey police department refused to honor. After he was released, though, he moved on to Missouri where he murdered three American citizens.

The murderer moved to Springfield, Missouri and found shelter with two men, Steven Marler, 38, and Aaron Hampton, 23, but when they finally kicked him out of their apartment, he returned with a woman and shot both men dead, the Daily Caller reported.

He later murdered the woman who was with him during the earlier shooting, presumably to put an end to a witness.

Perez, a Mexican National in the U.S. illegally, had been arrested last year by authorities in Middlesex County, New Jersey, but was let go despite being asked by ICE to let them know when he was to be release so they could pick him up and deport him.

“Luis Rodrigo Perez was being held at Middlesex County Jail in December of last year on domestic violence charges,” an ICE spokesman said. “ICE issued a detainer and requested notification prior to his release, so that he may be taken into ICE custody and placed in removal proceedings. In accordance with their local policy, Middlesex County Jail did not honor the detainer, did not notify ICE upon completion of the criminal proceedings, and released Perez into the community.”

As Daily Caller reported:

Middlesex County is located in central New Jersey, just southeast of New York’s Staten Island. It was one of several jurisdictions nationwide the Justice Department warned in 2017 to follow immigration law or risk losing out on federal law enforcement grants.

ICE arrested 37 people in July during an immigration fugitive operation in Middlesex County. It found that 16 of those suspects had been released from the Middlesex County Jail even though they were wanted on detainers.

“In this most recent case, Perez had a violent history, but despite that, the detainer was not honored,” ICE said in a statement. “We hope that this tragic turn of events forces Middlesex to reconsider its policy and that the local elected officials stop protecting criminal aliens.”

Democrats across the country who are weak on crime are putting all of us in danger every single day like this, folks.

And by giving Congress back to the Democrats, you have voted to give us more of this.


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