WTF? Millennials Claim Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Is ‘RACIST’ Because Of …

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Millennials see racism islamophobia homophobia in everything.

Millennials are complaining that Peanuts isn’t ‘woke’ enough.

Just wait until Linus gives the story of Jesus’s birth during the Christmas Special — they’re going to freak out!

The Millennials that are watching ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving‘ special are horrified at what they perceive as ‘racism’ for having the only black character, Franklin, sitting alone on one side of the table. They were also upset that Franklin was given a crappy, folding lawn chair while the other characters had proper dining chairs.

During the special, which airs on ABC every Thanksgiving, shows the characters sharing a holiday meal at the house of Charlie and Sally Brown after Peppermint Patty invites herself and several other characters over.

Here is the scene in question:

Here are some examples of the outrage from Outrage Central™, Twitter

Could we stop saying that everything is racist already? It’s sooo 2016.

Besides, the story behind the Franklin character is anything but racist. Charles Schultz took a hard stand to include Franklin in the comic strip during the Civil Rights movement after being contacted by a teacher, Harriet Glickman. When he received push-back from editors, he said that he would quit unless they included Franklin.

Several people pointed out the absurdity of the racism claim on Twitter:

It’s unreal that people are complaining about racism and don’t even understand the history of the Franklin character.

Franklin was first added into the show by Schultz when a teacher wrote to him and asked for a black child to be included into his cartoon.

Harriet Glickman assured Schultz that something as small as him writing a child of color into his work as the friend of a white child could make a radical impact.

Although Schultz worried that people would consider the new addition as tokenism, Glickman had a solution for this as well.

She asked her friends to write to Schultz and persuade him that the accusation of being patronizing is a small price to pay for the difference he could make.

Years after Franklin was first added into his comic strip, Schultz said that his editor was against the idea, however he told him, ‘Well, Larry, let’s put it this way: Either you print it just the way I draw it or I quit. How’s that?’ So that’s the way that ended.

Source: Daily Mail

Watch the history of Franklin’s character here:



Charles Schultz literally put his entire career on the line standing up for the character of Franklin. He did his part to help normalize inclusion at a time in our history that many were opposed to it. He was fighting racism, not complicit with it.

Would these whiny millennials do that for a cause that they believed in?





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