BUSTED: Homeless People Bribed With Cigarettes In Exchange For VOTES – 9 Arrested

H/T Clash Daily.

Any bets on the party affiliation of these nine?

You know that thing that Democrats say NEVER happens? Well, it happened again. Guess which heavily partisan district it occurred in?

Will Democrats acknowledge there’s a problem now that ARRESTS have been made? Will voter ID laws be a priority now that there’s some evidence of fake registrations? Of course not.

If the voter rolls aren’t bloated with unpurged names, someone could tell if more than 100% of the electorate shows up at a poll. That’s supposed to be the point. Who needs ‘Russian’ Collusion when we’ve got people faking up the voter rolls?

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Captain Marc Reina@LAPDMarcReina

Yet another arrest by your @LAPD_RESET officers for Election Code Fraud. Three people booked on Felony charges. Homeless individuals were getting paid $1.00 or less for a forged signature on a State ballot measure.

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To be clear the election workers, not the homeless people, are the ones being charged.

“They paid individuals to sign the names,” Officer Deon Joseph, the senior lead officer on skid row, told The Times in September. “That’s an assault on our democracy.”

State officials said petition signature scams aren’t widespread in California, but Joseph said they do pop up from time to time on skid row. People hired to help qualify initiatives for the ballot are often paid per signature collected, typically $1 to $2, but officials said a recent slew of proposed ballot initiatives had pushed the rate as high as $6 a signature. It is illegal for the collectors, however, to pay people for signatures.

Los Angeles police Capt. Marc Reina said officials used undercover officers and security camera video before arresting Kirkland Kauzava Washington, 38, one of the nine individuals charged by prosecutors. Washington allegedly set up a card table outside the Midnight Mission, where homeless people line up for meals and shelter, Reina said.

No word in the official stories about the political affiliation of these people. Do you really think the press would be silent about it if they leaned Republican?

Petitions to qualify measures for the state ballot must be signed by registered voters, according to the California secretary of state’s office — explaining why the homeless would be asked to forge other people’s names.

Prosecutors said the scheme occurred during the 2016 and 2018 elections.

The defendants who appeared in court were 38-year-old Kirkland Washington, 62-year-old Richard Howard, 42-year-old Rose Sweeney, 59-year-old Christopher Williams and 61-year-old Norman Hall, according to the district attorney’s office.
Source: SacBee

A cursory search for party affiliations of the accused came up empty.


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