Be Careful If You Decide To Stop A Mass Murder – CHP Holder Shot By Police

H/T AmmoLand.

Every concealed carrier needs to know who the bad guy is before drawing their weapon.

The police have no way of telling the good guys from the bad guys so you could be killed.

Virginia – -( A CHP holder in Alabama made the fatal mistake of thinking everybody knew he was a good guy trying to stop a mass murderer when the CHP holder drew his gun.

Unfortunately, an off-duty police officer didn’t know the CHP holder was trying to help and shot him to death.

Such events are not limited to CHP holders. It has also happened to off-duty and undercover police. But the root problem is almost always the same: assuming that arriving police know your intentions when you are holding a gun.

I do have to wonder if the off-duty officer told the CHP holder to drop his gun and the CHP holder didn’t comply or did the officer shoot without warning?

Remember, as a legally armed citizen; you are under no obligation to stop a crime against a third party, including stopping a mass murderer. No one will blame you for being a good witness instead. However, if you do decide to get involved, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL. I would only draw my gun once I have found the criminal and decided to engage him. I wouldn’t be running around with a gun in my hand. Once the bad guy is neutralized, I would then immediately holster my gun.

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr
Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr

If I should run into the police unexpectedly, I will immediately comply with instructions, while advising the officers of my CHP status. IF I GET CONFLICTING INSTRUCTIONS, I WILL STAND DEAD STILL WITH MY HANDS OVER MY HEAD UNTIL THERE ARE NO CONFLICTING INSTRUCTIONS and then I will comply.

Thanks to VCDL member Clark Welsh for the link:

This danger sparks a lot of questions. What would you do?

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