Former ICE Chief Tom Homan Slams Nancy Pelosi for Saying Walls Don’t Work

H/T Godfather Politics.

I have one question for San Fran Nan that is if walls do not work why does your home have a wall around it?

One of House Leader Nancy Pelosi’s left-wing talking points is that border walls do not work, but former ICE chief Tom Homan finds Pelosi’s comments to be absurd.

Of course, border walls work, Homan says with his criticism of Pelosi’s attack on Trump.

“Every place a wall or barrier has been built, it has resulted in decreased illegal immigration, decreased drug smuggling. One hundred percent of the time, it has proven effective,” Mr. Homan recently told Fox News.

“Look at the rest of the data on the border, where arrests of MS-13 [gang] this year are up 118 percent, the seizures of guns — for God’s sake — are up almost 200 percent. There’s your data. Look at it. You can see why we need a wall,” he added.

The Washington Times added:

Mr. Homan, a veteran of the Border Patrol agent and investigator for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Mr. Trump was “doing the right thing” in shutting down the government in a fight with Democrats over funding a wall or barrier on the border with Mexico.

The partial shutdown began Saturday, affecting about 25 percent of the federal government, including the Department of Homeland Security.

Pelosi recently slammed Trump for saying that terrorists can come over our unprotected border. She also slammed him for saying that illegal aliens bring dangerous diseases into the country.

But Homan said Pelosi is “100 percent wrong.”

“Allow me to educate Mrs. Pelosi,” he said. “As far as crime coming across the border, ICE arrested 138,000 criminals last year. These are people who entered the country illegally and committed crimes against the people of this country.”

Last year, ICE arrested illegal immigrants in more than 2,000 homicides cases, more than 11,000 weapon violations and almost 12,000 sexual assaults, Mr. Homan said.

Homan also noted that they had anillegal with tuberculosis come through once, too.

“We had to work with CDC and Texas Department of Health to find a way to treat this gentleman, so we kept him locked up for months at great taxpayer expense. Imagine if that strain of TB were to get released into the American society,” Mr. Homan told Fox.

Pelosi knows she is wrong. She just doesn’t care. So what if a few terrorists or thousands of disease-ridden illegals get through? If it helps her grow the welfare state and add Democrat voters to the roles, that is all she cares about.


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