Speak your mind go to jail: They are trying to make us forget about the First Amendment

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

December 27th, 2018

This article would be incredible but unfortunately it’s not.

If one is not planning an advanced degree a bachelor’s degree is little more than a ticket to join the rat race to mediocrity.

Two years are clearly enough at a junior college, then think about trade schools.

How many millionaires can’t fix their own cars or appliances because most everything has become computerized?

Look no further than Cal Berkeley as a perfect example.

Angela Davis an avowed communist and member of the Black Panthers in the 60’s

Once the bastion of free speech even hiring Angela Davis a communist to join their faculty, what could possibly go wrong.  (Source)

Few students matriculate from Berkeley in the social sciences, women’s studies, and African American Studies that will add little more to their communities than more  left-wing zealots and community organizers.

As a California taxpayer…

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