Why Government Shutdowns are Great

Jim Campbell's

Comment By Jim Campbell

December 27th 2018

Sloth is evil.

More evil is a slothful federal government.

I’m talking here specifically about our members of Congress who are still drawing their monthly allotment at the taxpayers expense.

Keep both the House and the Senate shut down indefinitely.

While they aren’t in session the can’t take more of our freedoms away and raise taxes which is the only thing they do efficiently.

If people are temporarily unessential, that means the entire work force must be investigated by the Inspector General to see which jobs can be moved to the private sector or be terminated completely.

Nothing here against federal employees who are needed, they chose the security of a position with the government that just may not be needed anylonger.

  • All around America, federal workers affected by the government shutdown have gone on Twitter to share their #shut down…

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