Publicity Hogg: Anti-Gun Teen Mouths Mantra Of Unconstitutional Gun Control

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Little Davie Camera Hogg spouting propaganda and trying to retain his fifteen minutes of fame.

Anti-gun Florida teen David Hogg, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who has become a media darling since February’s mass shooting, preached gun control during an appearance Tuesday at Southern Connecticut State University, declaring his intent to work with “the new Congress” in 2019, according to the New Haven Register.

The school is hosting events for “Social Justice Month” throughout November to inspire students with “awareness,” “knowledge,” and “action” by inviting gun control advocate David Hogg, as well as by hosting seminars on racial and gender privilege.

Per Campus Reform, Hogg was hosted on Tuesday 11/2 to discuss how “grassroots activism and social media mastery have mobilized millions of young people to find their voice, speak out and engage in change.” The college does not appear to offer a pro-Second Amendment or gun rights perspective during the month-long social justice event.

The New Haven Register explained that Hogg, according to the newspaper, appeared at the John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts. He asserted that research on so-called “gun violence” is necessary because it is “an issue that kills over 40,000 Americans annually.”

It is not clear where that figure came from. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2017, there were 10,982 gun-related homicides for the entire year. Homicides account for roughly one-third of all firearm fatalities in any given year. Anti-gunners routinely combine the number of murders with suicides, accidents and justifiable homicides by police and armed private citizens to create a more dramatic, and many argue, misleading picture of “gun violence.”

Over the past five years for which data is available (2013-2017), the firearm-related murder total has not exceeded 11,500, although there has been an uptick in the number of such murders.

“Young people can change the world as long as they believe in themselves and never give up,” Hogg told the audience.

These are the young people whom retired Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens encouraged to repeal the Second Amendment back in March. He retired in 2010 to be replaced by Elena Kagan.

The newspaper noted that Hogg “became a gun control activist after his high school was the scene of a mass shooting Feb. 14.” He is identified as a co-founder of the “March for Our Lives” student movement.

He has become the face for anti-rights activism which is “trying to keep the conversation alive” even though the gun debate flows and ebbs whenever there is a high-profile shooting.

Hogg’s group, according to the newspaper, advocates for so-called “universal background checks,” a ban on “high capacity” magazines, research on so-called “gun violence” and mandatory “safe storage” and theft reporting. Rights activists contend that none of these measures appear to prevent violent criminals, but only law-abiding firearm owners. But that’s not his concern, his primary concern is making David Hogg a media darling. If he really cared about new gun laws, he would sit down and figure out a solution that prevented gun violence without hurting law-abiding firearm owners.


Demonic: Daycare Worker’s Callous Words Just Before Murdering 8 Month Old Girl

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If this was my child there would not be a hole deep enough or a jail cell secure enough to protect this demonic bitch from my wrath.

A daycare center is supposed to be a safe place for your child while you’re at work… not the place they get murdered by the staff.

Normally, yes. But that was not true of one family relying on the services of Baltimore’s Rocket Tiers Daycare Center.

The eight-month-old baby girl — Reece Bowman — was abused for the final 20 minutes of her life, in what the worker at first claimed was an accident.

The security footage said otherwise.

While Walden at first claimed the infant died accidently, surveillance video from the day care showed Walden roughly handling the child and using a blanket and pillow to cover her face and head. Investigators also learned Walden may have been suicidal weeks before the indictment and they think she acted out on the baby.

Walden’s attorney put some of the blame on the day care.

“This is a terrible case,” Insley said. “This was a case of a day care center which was not operating up to code, using untrained employees and overloading them with kids. I think what you saw was a situation where there was a breakdown. She fell apart under the stress.”

Sorry, but the ‘day care’ didn’t cover a child’s face with a blanket until she died. That’s on 24-year-old Leah Walden, and her alone.

But to say she just covered her with a blanket is to put too benign a spin on the actual events.

The picture changes when a few additional details are included:

Assistant State’s Attorney Anne Colt Leitess said Walden had told a co-worker, ‘Girl, I’m frustrated. I’m sick of this little b****. I hate this little b****. She makes me want to punch her in the face.’

The court heard that Walden returned from lunch and became frustrated that baby Reese would not sleep.

She then slapped her and pinned her down before piling blankets over her face and suffocating her.

Walden initially claimed she had fed the baby and put her in a crib for a nap before coming back 45 minutes later to find the girl unresponsive.

But her argument unraveled after the center’s CCTV revealed the truth.

Walden was seen covering the baby with ‘excessive blankets for long periods of time’.

She was also filmed covering the child’s face with a pillow, violently snatching the baby and slapping her.

CCTV footage played in court showed the baby kicking wildly as the enraged daycare worker smothered her with a blanket.
Source: DailyMail

That’s a whole other level of soulless evil.

Let’s hope she hears those muffled screams condemning her every day for the rest of her miserable life.

Hate Filled Professor Finds Karma Waiting for Her After Calling for the Death and Castration of White Men

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The Karma was not severe enough she should have been terminated.

Anti-Trump Georgetown University professor Carol Christine Fair launched a firey, profane attack on Twitter against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and all Republican politicians.

Now, according to a Georgetown spokesperson, Fair is no longer teaching students at the university. Instead, Fair is on leave for university research.

“To prevent further disruption to her students and out of an abundance of caution for the security of our community, we have mutually agreed for Professor Fair to go on research leave effective immediately,” wrote Joel Hellman, dean of the School of Foreign Services.

Twitter responded to her offensive tweets by removing her verified status and suspending her account. Twitter forbids its users from making specific threats of violence or “wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people.”

“Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” said Fair in the now removed tweet. “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

Fair also tweeted earlier that “Kreepy Kavanaugh” is a “perjurer” and a “rapist” and that the “GOP doesn’t care about women. We knew this. F— them.”

But she wasn’t done yet regarding the GOP, who she called a party of “pro-rape, pro-pederasty, pro-perjury, pro-corruption, pro-Russian hacking, pro-child trafficking, pro-white male supremacy, pro-VERY-late-term abortion of children with AR-15’s, a f—ing death cult” and “filthy swine.”

Georgetown responded to Fair’s remarks in a statement that read “While Georgetown is committed to free speech and expression, we do not approve or endorse every statement made by our faculty members.”

Georgetown spokesperson, Matt Hill, responded further by reiterating that Fair’s tweets do not represent the views of the university and they expect their faculty members to be “free of bias and geared toward thoughtful, respectful dialogue” in the classroom even though Fair’s tweets were “difficult, controversial, or objectionable.”

“Georgetown urges members of our community to engage in robust, but respectful dialogue,” Hill continued. “While we protect speech and expression, we condemn uncivil and disrespectful discourse that is inconsistent with our values.”

“I do NOT and NEVER have condoned violence,” Fair later responded to her controversial tirade. “My tweet, as I have explained, was an attempt to make YOU as UNCOMFORTABLE as I am using the language of the abuse I receive by the hundreds.”

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin Mischaracterizes Constitution on Guns on Sen. Floor

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A DemocRat lying about guns on the Senate floor or anywhere should not surprise anyone.

Illinois’ senior U.S. Senator, Democrat Dick Durbin, was at it once again mischaracterizing guns and the U.S. Constitution in his remarks on the floor of the Senate this week.

In just a single paragraph, Durbin packed in nearly half a dozen untruths about firearms, gun violence, and the Constitution on Wednesday, November 28.

Durbin was trying to use the deaths of three people at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital for his political agenda but warped every claim so far out of focus that it is hard to know where to start to correct his falsehoods.

If you are unaware, on November 19, a jilted lover took a pistol to Mercy Hospital and opened fire indiscriminately.

A Chicago police officer, a hospital doctor, and a pharmacist were killed by a Hispanic man named Juan Lopez, 32. Lopez was supposed to marry one of the victims, Doctor Tamara O’Neal, until she broke off the engagement. It apparently sent him over the edge.

So, this week, like any Democrat, Sen. Durbin was using the crime for his own political purposes on the Senate floor, but what he said was wrong in practically every way.

Per Chicago’s WLS AM:

On the floor of the senate, Durbin stood with an array of photos of the Mercy Hospital victims and called for a “clear line” to be drawn between those who use weapons for crime and those for sport.

“I heard recently there are 11 million AR-15s – a military style weapon – that are circulating in the United States of America. Does anyone in their wildest imagination think that’s what the founding fathers had in mind when they talked about the right to bear arms? That people would have these deadly military weapons. That they’d be used so often.”

Lets break these falsehoods down…

“I heard recently there are 11 million AR-15s – a military style weapon…”

The AR-15 is not a “military style weapon.” There is no army in the world that uses the AR-15 as an infantry field rifle. After all, it isn’t fully automatic, only a semi-auto.

“Does anyone in their wildest imagination think that’s what the founding fathers had in mind when they talked about the right to bear arms?”

Actually, yes. Yes we do. The founders intended the American people to have access to military grade weapons. So, if Durbin thinks the AR-15 is a “military-style weapon,” it is exactly the sort of weapon that the founders expected Americans to have in their homes.

After all, how does one form a militia meant to safeguard the home front without military weapons to repel invaders?

So, yes, Senator Durbin, the founders DID want us to have military weapons for our personal use.

“That people would have these deadly military weapons. That they’d be used so often.”

Again, not “military weapons.” But, he ended with an outright lie because Durbin is trying to make his listeners believe that AR-15s are used for murders, crimes and mass shootings all the time. But they just aren’t.

According to the Daily Signal:

Handguns were used in 19 times as many murders than rifles were in 2016, according to the Uniform Crime Reporting data. Handguns killed nine times as many persons as rifles, shotguns, and other guns did combined. The type of firearm used was unknown for about 28 percent of all firearm murders.

According to that 2016 FBI report, only 374 murders out of 15,070 were committed using rifles. And that isn’t just AR-15s, but rifles of all types. Indeed, 1,604 people were killed with knives, so rifles aren’t even a leading tool!

On top of all that, the Mercy Hospital killer didn’t even use a rifle. He used a handgun.

In the end, nearly every word Durbin uttered was a lie.

But, this is the same Senator who called American soldiers Nazis who creep around killing innocent people in the middle of the night.

One-Third Of Migrant Caravan Sick: HIV, Tuber…

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We need to do like they used to do on Ellis Island if you were diseased you were sent back to where you came from.

Thousands of migrants marched from Central America to the U.S. border over the last six weeks, but many of them are suffering from respiratory infections, tuberculosis, chickenpox and other serious health issues — including HIV.

Of the 6,000 migrants gathered in Tijuana just south of the U.S. border near San Diego, more than a third of them (2,267) are being treated for health-related issues, a spokesman for Tijuana’s Health Department told Fox News.

There are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of HIV/AIDS and four separate cases of chickenpox, the spokesman said.

At least 101 migrants have lice and multiple instances of skin infections, the department’s data shows.

There’s also a threat of Hepatitis outbreak due to unsanitary conditions, the spokesman said. The thousands of migrants are being sheltered at the Benito Juarez Sports Complex near the San Ysidro U.S.-Mexico Port of Entry, despite the place being capable of providing for 1,000 people.

The location also has only 35 portable bathrooms. A sign reading “No Spitting” was put up, as coughing and spitting by migrants are rampant in the shelter.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Tijuana said Tuesday that the city cannot afford to help the migrants that are there. “We won’t compromise the resources of the residents of Tijuana,” Juan Manuel Gastelum said during a press conference, noting that the city is spending some $30,000 a day. ““We won’t raise taxes tomorrow to pay for today’s problem.”

Hundreds of migrants stormed the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday, and the U.S. Border Patrol’s top San Diego agent said they shoved women and children to the front of the mob to use as human shields.

“What we saw over and over yesterday was that the group – the caravan, as we call them – would push women and children to the front, and then begin, basically, rocking our agents,” Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott said in a CNN interview.

“Several agents were actually struck by rocks,” Scott said, noting that three were injured.

And President Trump’s warning that the caravan included violent criminals was proven true, too.

“You’re going to find MS-13, you’re going to find Middle Eastern, you’re going to find everything,” Trump said last week.

“U.S. Border Patrol agents have arrested a member of the infamous Salvadoran MS-13 gang who admitted to authorities that he traveled with a caravan of Central American migrants who were hoping to qualify for asylum in America,” National Review’s Mairead McArdle reports.

The member of the notoriously brutal gang, which is responsible for numerous violent murders in the U.S. over the last three decades, is 29-year-old Jose Villalobos-Jobel, a Honduran national who was arrested Saturday evening in U.S. territory east of the Calexico Port of Entry.

He admitted to agents that he’d traveled with the caravan with the intention of entering the country illegally. Villalobos-Jobel “told agents he traveled to the United States border with a large group of people from Central America intending on filing for asylum in the United States,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement about his arrest.