Quick-Thinking Texas Waitress Stops Armed Black Man from Likely Church Massacre

H/T Godfather Politics.

How many lives were saved due to the quick thinking of waitress Brianna Jimenez?

A quick-thinking waitress at a Texas Mexican restaurant may have helped stop a brewing mass shooting at a local church after she called police about an armed man who was talking about “fulfilling a prophecy.”

On Sunday morning, 22-year-old Tony Albert appeared at the Las Mañanitas restaurant in Seguin, Texas, where waitress Brianna Jimenez became alarmed over his behavior.

Albert began asking the waitress where any local church was.

“He was looking at me and he was saying something about, ‘Do you know where the nearest church is at?’ And he said Baptist church,” Jimenez told San Antonio’s KSAT.

Jimenez talked of the nearby Door Christian Fellowship Church, but he reportedly responded saying, “I’ve been to that church many years ago. … Do you know where the other Baptist church is at?’”

The suspect talked of his mother and then asked for directions to the church. But as he walked away, her suspicions became heightened

“When he slowly walks away, that’s when I finally see he has a weapon, and he’s gripping it, like, he has his finger on the trigger,” Jimenez said.

It was then that Jimenez called the police and warned them of her suspicions about the odd man.

Albert was arrested not long afterward.

“An SPD officer, who was off-duty at the time, was the first on the scene and observed an oddly dressed male wearing tactical style clothing, a surgical face shield, carrying a loaded firearm and extra ammunition,” department spokesperson Tanya Brown said in a statement. “During the investigation, officers revealed that 33-year-old Tony Albert was allegedly en-route to unidentified church to fulfill what he called a prophecy.”

Officers arrested Albert, who has a lengthy criminal record, and charged him with being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of marijuana.

The suspect is currently housed in the Guadalupe County Jail on $100,000 bail.



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