Old Photos Surface of Ocasio-Cortez’s Past Life as ‘Sandy’ at Privileged School

H/T Right Wing Folks.

So much for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being just a poor working girl from The Bronx.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently tweeted out a picture of the plaque outside of her new Congressional office.

But her new exalted position wasn’t going to change her, she noted, she was still “Alex from The Bronx.”

Except as conservative Michael Knowles and others noted, the idea not so much.

While she as born in The Bronx, she left when she was five and moved to a well-off suburb of Yorktown Heights where she lived in a nice three-bedroom home. She was still registered to vote there as of 2016. She moved back to the Bronx to the same apartment her family had lived in before she was five which is in a nice section of The Bronx called Parkchester.

She also didn’t “grow up” in a “working class family” as she claimed – her father was an architect who was a partner in his own architectural firm.
Now pictures of from her high school have shown up and turns out she wasn’t even “Alex” from Yorktown Heights, but rather “Sandy Ocasio.”

Gateway Pundit was given pictures from a classmate who went to school with “Sandy.”

According to the classmate, they had “well-funded after school programs, very good cafeteria food.” Lacrosse was their biggest sport and they had a very large theater, dance and band department. Not to mention that everyone drove a care when they got their licenses, including Sandy, according to the classmate.

This post is from a teacher at the school in the “Yorktown HS Science Research Program” and seems to confirm how she was referred to at the school.

She was also referred to as Sandy at college where she was listed in the credits of a Boston University “Brat Pack” video.

Here’s the video, the part at 2:34 seems particularly apropos.

There’s nothing wrong with being called “Sandy” or growing up in a nice suburban area.

There is something not quite right when you try to rewrite your history into something it was not.


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