Caravan of Disease: 50 Migrants a Day Turn Up with TB, Flu, Parasites and all Kinds of Diseases

H/T Godfather Politics.

This is a fact the drive-by media will never share with us.

It leads one to ask what other kinds of disease is beu=ing brought in to America by this mob?

Now we see why two of the children brought in with this mob has died.

A recent report finds that 50 illegal aliens a day are turning up at the southern border with TB, flu, parasites and all kinds of other diseases.

With tens of thousands of illegals piling up at the border, there is a lot of scrutiny on the illegals trying to get in the country. But, liberals are pulling out all the stops to cover for illegals. One way they make excuses for them is to naysay the claims of conservatives that many of these illegals are bringing pestilence and disease into the country.

But recent reports find that conservatives are exactly right. These people are, indeed, racked with diseases and vermin as they try to illegally sneak into our country.

In fact, U.S. border authorities say they are referring 50 people a day for urgent medical care, including tuberculosis, flu and a long list of other diseases. A top government official said it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

According to the Washington Times:

Most of those in need of care are children, and a staggering 28 percent are under age 5, having been dragged along for the trip by parents who in many cases are hoping to use the children as a shield against speedy deportation from the U.S.

CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan even said that many of the people his officers are coming across were sick before they even left their home countries.

“Many were ill before they departed their homes,” McAleenan said. “We’re talking about cases of pneumonia, tuberculosis, parasites. These are not things that developed urgently in a matter of days.”

As of last week, 17 of the people referred for medical care were still hospitalized, McAleenan said.

But while Democrats want to pretend these illegals are all clean as the driven snow, even back during the 2004 border surge security officials reported a surge in illneses.

During the 2014 surge of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) authorities reported massive chickenpox and other communicable disease outbreaks.

The numbers of children crossing now exceed that previous surge, with 22,000 children nabbed at the border in December, out of about 60,000 total immigrants who were either caught sneaking in, or were encountered at border crossings.

Since Dec. 22 there have been 450 medical cases that needed treatment, including flu, parasites, blood infections, abscesses, tuberculosis and pneumonia, Mr. McAleenan said.

Liberals don’t want you to know any of this.


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