Picking Ginsburg’s Replacement Will Be an All-Out War

H/T Founding Fathers Daily.

The fight to replace Ruth Buzzi(Bader)Ginsburg is going to be a long loud and bitter fight.

Mr.President hang tough we”The People” have your back.

The next big brawl in Washington can be summed up in three short words:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The senior Justice on the Supreme Court is taking longer than anticipated to recuperate from lung surgery. No, she’s not on deathwatch. The media and the politicians aren’t that crass…

They don’t need to be. Because all Ginsburg needs to do is retire.

And right now, both sides in the war for the Court are hungering for an all-out throw down… one bloody battle to define the ideological makeup of the court for a generation or more.

Trump badly wants to shore up Republican support by handing them the greatest control over SCOTUS they’ve had in modern history.

Republicans, dog tired of the embarrassing infighting and the risks of backing Trump, want to replace Ginsburg too.

House Democrats are spoiling to prove they can punch above their weight against the Senate and the White House.

And the Left’s progressive-socialist base will stop at nothing to ensure Ginsburg isn’t replaced with a conservative.

It’s not just because of abortion. Or executive power. (Yes, people think Trump sees the Court as his would-be firewall against impeachment.)

It’s everything from environmental regulations to heath care entitlements to the wilds of technology law—foundational rules yet to be handed down on everything from AI to gene manipulation and beyond.

Ginsburg’s replacement will likely play a pivotal role in deciding all those things… defining life in the America for the rest of the 21st century.

Democrats can’t place their hopes in Ginsburg anymore. She’s the most useful to them as an icon and folk hero, not a sitting Justice. They need a younger, more merciless social justice warrior. An icon at the peak of her powers.

They’re not going to get one until a Democrat is back in the White House. But second best is forcing Trump to burn nominee after nominee, the way they almost took down Brett Kavanaugh. They want revenge… on repeat.

Enough to make up for Kavanaugh.

Enough to infuriate the president.

Enough to force the administration onto defense… and into costly errors well outside the SCOTUS fight.

Enough to show he’s unfit for office. Right at the moment, if the stars line up, that impeachment proceedings get underway.

That means embracing the end of the Ginsburg era. Just as Republicans think they’re ready to do.

It’s music to the ears of the high-powered denizens of the Washington swamp, who make their money and climb their greasy poles mobilizing public rage sessions over this stuff. Replacing Ginsburg will make the Kavanaugh story look like a hometown hero report in the local paper.

Are you ready to rage? Washington sure is.



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