Alabama Mayor Loses Seat Due to Voter Fraud

H/T Godfather Politics.

How many more cases of voter fraud has not been uncovered?

The mayor of Gordon, Alabama, was removed from office this month due to a massive case of voter fraud… and liberals say there is no voter fraud at all in the U.S.

Now former mayor Elbert Melton was convicted of voter fraud and forced to abdicate his seat last week.

News outlets report Elbert Melton was convicted Wednesday of unlawfully falsifying ballots when he was elected in 2016. He defeated challenger Priscilla Wilson by a 16-vote margin. This conviction strips him of his office. The Gordon Town Council will appoint an interim mayor to serve until an election is held.

Melton was charged in September with absentee ballot fraud and second-degree theft of property. Arrest warrants say he knowingly obtained or exerted unauthorized control over $1,700 that belonged to the town.

Melton was released on bond and set to be sentenced next month on the fraud charge. He still faces the theft charge.

The town is now stuck with funding an expensive special election.

So, what did he do?

According to The Daily Signal:

Melton notarized several absentee ballots while no witnesses were present—ballots that voters had not signed in his presence. Alabama’s election code requires that at least two witnesses be present, and prohibits agents from signing on behalf of the voter.

Multiple election forms that require a notary explicitly state that the signature is to be made in public. And, of course, the purpose of notarizing documents in the first place is to guarantee that the person signing them is who he says he is.

He also was charged with stealing $1,700 in public funds for his personal use.

Liberals say this never happens, but the Heritage Foundation has a database of more than 1,000 cases of people convicted of voter fraud.

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