Paul Joseph Watson on why Muslims are still full of s*it

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell,
February 1st, 2019
Those who have not studied the cult of death may not be aware of the fact that Muslim Jihadists who believe in killing all infidels, using maiming, stoning to death, setting people on fire along with hanging or beheading homosexuals, concern themselves with human rights.

Not one of them could spell or know the meaning of humane.
The only way an individual can take these fools for what they are is to continually expose the truth about them, something the media will not do

Blasphame of Allah or Mo?

Step right up to get beheaded.

The media in the U.S. supports the progressive left of course in their every though and deed.
The assassination of a Pakistani Christian cabinet minister for speaking against the blasphemy law is a stab in the heart of Islam and a humiliation of the Prophet by those who claim…

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