Canadian Man Charged With Murder For Killing Home Invader

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If the anti-gun goons had their way Americans that shoot home invaders would face criminals charges.

Weyburn, Saskatchewan Canada –-( January fourth in Weyburn, Saskatchewan Canada a 23-year-old man was charged with second-degree murder for shooting and killing a home invader.

Keegan Muxlow was at home when three masked men broke into his house. The home invaders were armed with a shotgun and a knife. Muxlow in fear for his life retrieved his .22LR caliber rifle and fired several shots at the mask men.

The three men fled the house and Muxlow called the police around 9 PM to report the break-in and the shooting. He told the police that three men with weapons broke into his home and he was forced to shoot at the suspects with his rifle.

About 15 minutes later the police received a call from Weyburn General Hospital stating that they had two patients suffering from various stab wounds and a gunshot wound. The police discovered that the patients were two of the suspects in the home invasion.

Police found 23-year-old Dominick Hawkes in stable condition. He was suffering from stab wounds. Eight-teen-year-old Nathan Hutt was found suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound. Around midnight Hutt would pass away from his injury.

The next morning Twenty-five-year-old William N. McLeod would turn himself into police for his involvement in the home invasion. He was not injured.

Police would charge Hawkes and McLeod with breaking and entering, committing assault, wearing a disguise during the commission of an offense, possession of a weapon for the purpose of committing an offense, and possession of a firearm without a valid license.

Police also charged Hawkes with possession of cocaine.

The police said that Muxlow was the only one to fire shots in the failed home invasion.

Police then would charge Muxlow with second-degree murder.

This standard procedure for police to lay these charges in a case like this. Although according to Deputy Chief Rod Stafford with the Weyburn Police Service the police do not determine self-defense. That finding is determined by the courts and not the police.

“Police departments have a lot of discretion in laying charges, but in capital cases, I don’t think that a police department would ever make a decision on its own not to lay a charge in a capital case where self-defense was either alleged or seemed like maybe even it was a case of self-defense,” said Stafford. “Perhaps a Crown Prosecutor, once they get the file and read it, will direct that charges be amended, or dropped, or added but, again, in a capital case, that decision is best left for a jury to decide once they hear all of the evidence.”

In addition to the second-degree murder charges Police charged Muxlow with unsafe storage of a firearm, use of a firearm during the commission of an offense, and possession of a firearm without a license.

According to the police, the suspects and Muxlow knew each other. When asked if this incident could be drug related a police representative said that it could be, but the police have not determined the motives in the case.

Muxlow is due to make his third court appearance in court last week.


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