Netanyahu: Meetings in Warsaw With Arab Leaders Are in Pursuit of ‘War With Iran’

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

July 13, 2019

Should the U.S. join Israel in blowing Tehran off the map or just make surgical strikes at their oil refineries, nuclear enrichment plants as well dropping bombs on the homes of the Iranian mullahs.

It’s not a question of if Iran will attack Israel, it’s a matter of when.

Preemptive seems to be in order.

Israel and Iran are once again facing one another down.

Blatant Israeli attacks on Iranian targets in Syria are leaving some to wonder what it would it take for them to declare war?

In Syria, there are battles being fought, already fought and possibly about to be fought.

It’s the possibles that we look at today and whether an Iran/Israel confrontation could spread beyond Syrian borders.

So what will happen when Israel’s ally America withdraws from Syria?

Joining us at the Round table was Mohammad Marandi, Iranian-American academic…

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