Kamala’s Big Con

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

February 17th. 2019

Laura gave the junior senator from CA some serious advice if she want’s to be the 2020 election flag barer for the Marxists on the left.

As Attorney General for the State of California she earned the title of a fierce litigator, one the skin has been peeled away from this onion we see there is little more left that a partisan hack.

Imagine being a member of congress with not even a basic understanding of high school economics.

With all of her blather she want’s to do away with private insurance companies and digress back to the one size fits all failed model of Obama’s failed plan.

Nope you won’t get to keep your physician or insurance under her plan.

After all, she knows what is best for us and she’s polishing her credentials as a future dictator as I write.

These aren’t…

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