Transgender Rules Causing School Girls to Avoid School Bathrooms Out of Fear

H/T Godfather Politics.

We need to stop letting these freakshow minorities set any policy.

Like it or not there are only TWO Genders and they are male and female.

Girls are increasingly refusing to use bathrooms in schools over fears raised due to transgender bathroom rules forced on school kids.

According to the Daily Mail “Schoolgirls are too afraid to use unisex toilets over fears of ‘period shaming’ from boys and sexual harassment,”and the lack of privacy.

To satisfy trans activists and to assuage the hard feelings of a tiny handful of students, the great majority are now put out. Isn’t it just like liberal policy to make things worse?

But, many schools in Britain are starting to turn back to designated bathrooms and are ditching the unisex facilities because of the complaints.

Also, according to the report, even more people are upset over the unisex bathrooms:

The group found pupils, parents and staff are often too embarrassed to complain about the unisex loos and has called for a policy to be reviewed.

Spokesperson Helen Raynor told the newspaper that no schoolgirl should feel like they are unable to use the toilet.

She said: “No child should avoid school, or stop drinking water so they don’t wee. Girls cannot ‘hold periods in.’”

Government officials have been taken offguard by the reports but said they would review the situation.

The unisex bathrooms became all the rage for British schools when a left-wing, numbskull teacher in Stockport, near Manchester, began a crusade for the idea in 2000.

Schools quickly jumped on the bandwagon, but now the idea has turned sour as kids and parents are finally beginning to speak up about how negatively the policy has affected their children.

Isn’t it just like the British to suffer with stupidity for nearly 20 years before finally speaking up?


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