New Yorkers Shocked when $15 Minimum Wage Makes Food Cost More

H/T Godfather Politics.

To borrow from the title of one of Rush Limbaugh’s book, “See I Told You So.”

Increased wages cause increased prices.

New Yorkers are suddenly realizing that raising the Minimum Wage hurts consumers by driving up prices. Imagine that. Economics.

As 2019 kicked off, the state’s MinWage went from $13.50 to $15. That boosted wages for tens of thousands of low wage workers.

It was an idea that most New Yorkers thought was great. Why, heck, who wouldn’t want to help low wage workers?

Then the costs came due.

As The Blaze noted:

Those who rely on restaurants regularly for their daily lunches, however, aren’t as happy.

“It’s obnoxious — kind of a slap in the face,” Starbucks patron Edward Beck told the Post. “Another increase, and I won’t come back.”

Blaze added:

“[Restaurants] feel they’re getting to a point where the customer might reject the higher prices, choose a different way to eat out, or eat their own food,” said Melissa Fleischut, president and CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association.

Well, clearly some already are.

Worse, many restaurants are finding that their higher costs for labor is a hard cost to pay for.

“It’s too much too fast,” said Jeremy Merrin, founder of the Havana Central restaurant in Times Square. “The shock of raising [the wage] at that rate in that short time—you just can’t catch your breath.”

It is likely that some small restaurants will end up closing down and people will lose jobs despite the big pay hike.

Nice going, New York.


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