Leave John Wayne and his airport alone — for now

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 23rd, 2019

It seems as though, liberals have far too much time on their hands, if they didn’t, articles like this one would not be considered for publication.

Most people who use the facility recognize the call sign “SNA”

Like his idol Napoleon, Santa Anna found himself exiled on several occasions after being deposed from power.

O.K. so equating the city of Santa with the Mexican reprobate was a reach, but we had to provide a little hook even if the names aren’t the same.

In doing so we also provided some additional history, so now you know.

As he once referred to himself of part of the “Vast right wing Conspiracy,” he found his real home as a left-wing apologist.

Michael Hiltzik Turns From Reporting To Character Assassination (Source)

He proclaimed himself the “Napoleon of the West.”

His banishment following his last stint as…

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