LMAO: This Occasional Cortex Meme Is Absolutely PERFECT!

H/T Clash Daily.

Perfect Meme.

#TeamResist has been dominating the news lately — often for reasons they wish they weren’t. How does AOC’s track record stack up against her biggest rival?

If by ‘rival’ we mean ‘sucking up all the oxygen in the news media’, the obvious rival would be Jussie Smollet.

This meme takes a look at the contributions to society both have made in the last month or two.

It might surprise you who comes out on top:

The win goes to Smollet!

Great move chasing Amazon out of New York, there missy. Who really wants to add 25000 jobs to a city, anyhow?

On the upside, at least Occasional Cortex can comfort herself in the knowledge that he was paying foreigners to do a job Americans won’t do.



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