Race-Baiters Now Say Charcoal Face Masks Are RACIST — No, This Is Not Satire

H/T Clash Daily.

You can not make up this level of asinine absurdity.

The pretty young things on Instagram are going to have to live with those unsightly skin blemishes — unless they’re ok with being called racist.

First, they came for Gucci, and I said it was stupid.

Then, they came after Katy Perry’s shoes, and I said they although they were fugly they did not appear to be racist.

But this?! This is a step too far.

In our leftist #StayWoke culture filled with microaggressions, and alleged ‘implicit bias’ (which basically means everyone is racist,) it’s no longer just the things that are made in a way that could appear to be blackface if you looked at it the right way — beauty products are now ‘problematic.’

Some random person on Twitter tweeted about charcoal masks possibly being blackface, and boom! the wokescolds pounced.


Activated charcoal face masks are becoming all the rage in beauty treatments. The charcoal has specific properties that draw impurities from the skin, unclog and shrink pores which aim to prevent blockage and thus stop breakouts. Many women have used activated charcoal masks to keep their skin blemish-free. But, because charcoal is black, and in order to get the benefits of it you have to put that on your face, the charcoal mask is now ‘blackface’.

Dior Dez@ItsDesiFuentes

Are charcoal face mask a form of blackface…😳

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No. No, it isn’t. It’s charcoal.

The offensiveness of blackface is that it was historically used to demean and mock an entire race of people based on their skin color. Blackface was used in minstrel shows, in order to both appropriate black music as a form of entertainment for non-blacks and to promote negative stereotypes that have plagued the black community for decades. Charcoal face masks, on the other hand, are beauty products intended to remove impurities from the skin.

Some people, however, don’t seem to understand the difference.

For those not aware, charcoal face masks are used to help improve skin by unclogging pores and the product is black in colour because the main ingredient (charcoal) also happens to be black.

The mask is applied to the face, left for a while to dry, before being peeled or washed off.

The argument around the product began several days ago with a tweet by a woman named Nicole Oliver, who wrote: “Racism is so insidious that you can promote blackface for years under the guise of ‘pore mask’ and it goes unchecked.”

She added the hashtags #blacklivesmatter #StayWoke #BIORE #poremask and #Blackface to her post as well as several examples of the charcoal masks being sold online.

Source: MIrror UK

Nicole Paula Oliver@nicole_p_oliver

Racism is do insidious that you can promote blackface for years under the guise of “pore mask” and it goes unchecked. 🙃

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Neel Nanda@neelnanda

Did you guys know that white women can wear blackface if they call it a charcoal face mask ???

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It’s not just blackface, it’s ‘casual blackface’:

Ali Macofsky@notalimac

white women love self care and doing casual black face with charcoal face masks

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Some still say that may look like blackface, but that’s just because it’s charcoal and charcoal is black.

sweet heart lesbian 💕@Spooky_Spice666

I see that when wearing a charcoal face mask it looks the same as blackface but most people who are wearing the masks do it in the privacy of their home for 15 min&then peel it off& it’s black bc it’s charcoal. Sad that blackface is prevalent enough that this is an issue tho.

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For some, it’s not just that the charcoal masks are black, it’s the symbolism that’s a problem, too — you put it on, wear the black on your face for 15-20 minutes or so, and then you remove it to remove the impurities and your fresh skin is revealed.

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Flesh Frog@IsaacTheDead

Aren’t we ever going to address how the Charcoal Mask takes blackface up to 11? You put it on, it looks really racist, then you pull off the black to get flawless skin.

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Welp, it looks like Tucker Carlson is going to have to update that ‘100 Things That Are Racist’ thread on Twitter. 

Recently, AOC mentioned on Instagram that she uses beauty masks occasionally — but is it charcoal?


I bought a black charcoal face mask once. I looked in the mirror and was like “nope that’s racist” & immediately washed it off. Been buying green tea ones ever since.

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Green tea, you say?

Apparently, someone hasn’t thought about Gamora’s feelings.

So, brace yourself if you happen to use a charcoal face mask.

Kandy Foxx@KandyFoxx

YouTube is a strange place. If someone isn’t ripping on my eyebrows, its my weight, or my room decor or even how I sometimes have a lisp. Now apparently I am racist for wearing a charcoal mask in a video.

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What happens if a ‘person of color’ uses a charcoal facemask?

sarah coffey:)))))@sarahcoffey_

this mean im racist to my own kind?because i definitely wear charcoal face masks

National Review


Charcoal Face Masks Deemed an Example of ‘Racism’ and ‘Blackface’ http://bit.ly/2EkzwEU  via @KatTimpf

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Maybe let’s not Jussie Smollett everything screaming ‘racist’ at things that simply aren’t. It detracts from the actual racism which we should all condemn when we see it.


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