Civil Asset Forfeiture

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 28th, 2019

Police around the country have routinely been able to cease cars, home, monies for minor infractions of the law.

No indictments, no trial, you look guilty so your personal property now belongs to us, is going to come to a screaming halt. (Source)

In Texas, a public fight has broken out over a strategy used to fight drug crime:

Has been quietly reining in the police and forbidding this practice which in essence turns the police into rogue agents determining on their whims, whose assets are seized and whose aren’t.

I suggest that police departments who liberally applied this practice in the past were breaking the law.

Civil asset forfeiture, which lets police officers seize property from suspected criminals. Opposition to the tactic is uniting two groups who don’t usually get along: lawbreakers, and conservative politicians.

VICE News Tonight correspondent Roberto Ferdman goes…

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