Ocasio-Cortez Claims Having Children Is Irresponsible

H/T Founding Fathers Daily.com.

This is from the party that booed God and voted to support infanticide.

They’ve finally done it.

They’re literally coming for your kids.

The mask is off.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is saying out loud what the Democrats have only whispered in private: Climate change is so scary it’s not okay to have kids.

So much for being the party of working families.

To save the children, we have to destroy them. It’s a logic straight out of the worst acid trip of Vietnam. And just like America’s lack of a plan to actually win the Vietnam War led to an absurd appetite for death, so too is today’s flailing Left turning viciously against human life.

They already came for the fetuses.

Then they signed on to infanticide.

Now it’s stigmatizing children.

And that’s not all. Deep down, the anti-growth Left understands that not even robots and AI will bring the downsized communist paradise of their dreams. Not even machines are virtuous enough to keep the lights on.

That’s because they require even more power than we do. The energy demands for all those computers and servers go far beyond what a countryside of twenty-first century serfs would consume… beyond even what a handful of super-cities full of soy-fed childless drone people would use.

Even machines with the power off demand more than the Left dare give. All those computers can’t exist without rare earth metals. That means heavy mining, big time construction, and armies of people—and more machines—digging away to find and obtain them.

More bad news for Mother Earth, the last god standing for the heathen Left.

Their parents generation was all about perpetual crisis—the way they consolidated rule over Americans and pried then away from their constitutional rights.

The new young Left is way past that now. They want the big one. They want the end. They want power so they can bring the house down… so nobody has to try anymore. So we can all live like the vegetative life forms they only allow themselves to eat.

The end of the rainbow of social justice is a dead end. No more capitalism, no more industry, no more greatness. A life fit for farm animals, if cows weren’t already on the chopping block for farting our way to an existential climate crisis.

It’s a fitting ideology for a generation whose parents will always be cooler, richer, smarter, and more powerful. The boomers either thought the party would go on so long their kids would make it into the VIP room or didn’t bother to think. They were enlightened—the future would work itself out.

Now the future is eating its young… literally.

If the Party of Death wins, it’s game over in America:

But if they lose… we won’t have to fight them again for a thousand years.

Game on.

Author: deplorablesunite

I am a divorced father of two daughters. I am a Deplorable.

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