State Protects Illegal Aliens But Will Jail You for Using Plastic Straw

H/T BarbWire.

This is one of those situations where you scratch your head and ask WTF?



Over the years, there have been a number of laws that today, appear completely ridiculous. Among my favorites was an old law in a southern Arizona town that made it illegal to shoot buffalo on the main street. What makes this ridiculous is that buffalo were not found in Arizona at the time.

Another Arizona town law made it illegal to have a camel on the main street. It may sound absurd now, but that one had a real purpose. Some entrepreneurs and the military were trying to see if camels would be useful in the Arizona desert. The problem is that camels tended to spook horses, resulting in riders being thrown and others running wildly away. Hence, camels in town was a real problem.

Today, we find that socialist Democrats have been passing laws that are as ridiculous as prohibiting the shooting of buffalo on the main street when buffalo didn’t exist in the area.

A few years ago, then New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed a city ordinance prohibiting large sugary drinks being served in many establishments. He went one further by banning the use of opioid painkillers, even in hospitals for patients who needed the drugs for pain. Fortunately for many patients, that ordinance was short lived.

Of course, most of you reading this also believe laws and ordinances protecting illegal aliens are ridiculous. I’ll go one further and say that sanctuary laws are illegal, unconstitutional and traitorous and that every politician who votes to support sanctuary status for illegal aliens should be arrested for violating federal immigration laws and for obstruction of justice and interfering with the duties of law enforcement officials. Just think, if these politicians were charged and found guilty of all three charges for EVERY illegal alien in their jurisdiction, and then sentenced to jail time and removed from office, we probably wouldn’t have sanctuary laws for long.

Besides New York having some modern stupid laws, perhaps California now takes the cake.

California, who is financially struggling, largely because they are trying to support over 3 million illegal aliens who are sucking the benefits dry in the Golden State. While they continue to protect illegal aliens, people who violate federal law by illegally crossing the border, they have passed a law that makes it a crime to use a plastic straw in their state.

Okay, so plastic straws can accumulate and become a waste problem, but then, the same politicians who banned plastic straws also want to protect the environment, so if straws were now made of paper instead of plastics, that means more trees are cut down to produce the paper with which to make the straws.

So, what’s next – metal straws? That would require more mining and processing of the metals used and many Democrats are also against mining which destroys sections of the environment. Besides, restaurants would have to make sure they fully sterilize each metal straw every time it is used. And what about fast food joints who pass out drinks through their drive-thru windows? Can they afford the cost of handing out metal straws?

Will plastic straws become the new dangerous concealed carry that could land citizens in jail? If caught concealing their plastic straws, will authorities confiscate all of their plastic straws and ban them from ever buying or possessing a plastic straw in the state? Yes, it is ridiculous, but then so are the laws of California’s Democrats.

Think about it. In California, you can be fined and sent to jail for using plastic straws, but if you cross the border illegally, they’ll go out of their way to protect you and give you more benefits than legal citizens get.

Can you say stupid is as stupid does?




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