We are all Breitbart Now: Bill Whittle

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

March 9th, 2019

It would be difficult if not impossible to assess the effect that Andrew Breitbart had upon today’s media warriors.

In my case, it was coincidental at the timing of his death I had  been a writer for the Examiner  and had my first article accepted by the Canada Free Press.

Was Andrew one of a kind?



If not he gave a great deal of writers the impetus to begin honing their craft.

He stood behind his works and took no-nonsense from any one as the video below clearly shows.



On March 1, 2012, Breitbart founder Andrew Breitbart made a blockbuster announcement.

He said that he had in his possession video tape so stunning that it would completely ruin any chance Barack Obama had of being reelected president.

Later that evening, as he walked out of a neighborhood bar after enjoying…

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