Don’t Look Now But GOP Has Won a Streak of Special Elections, Ousting Democrats

H/T Godfather Politics.

The drive-by media ignores these  GOP wins as it does not fit the agenda that a Blue Wave is washing the GOP away.

These GOP wins are the start of the Red Wave for 2020.

The latest GOP win occurred in Kentucky as Republican Phillip Wheeler defeated Democrat Darrell Pugh for a state Senate seat on Tuesday. The newly elected Wheeler is replacing a sitting Democrat meaning that this is a GOP pickup, Fox News reported.

Wheeler’s win is just more evidence of a continued shift to the GOP in the Bluegrass State.

But Tuesday’s result is the fourth GOP pickup in the last few months.

Last month, Republicans won a special election for a Minnesota Senate seat that had long been held by Democrats, giving Republicans a stronger majority in the chamber.

And in Connecticut, Republicans wrested two seats from Democratic control in a special election — one in the state’s House and one in the Senate. The CT Mirror reported that while Democrats held solid majorities in the chambers, the wins come in traditionally blue-collar districts that have become tougher territory for Democrats to hold.

“The Republican National Committee hailed the string of local victories as a sign that momentum is with the GOP ahead of the 2020 presidential elections,” Fox noted.

“The RNC is already hard at work electing Republicans, aided by our top-notch data operation working across all 50 states,” spokesman Steve Guest said in a statement. “These wins are a further sign that heading into 2020, the momentum is with President Trump and the GOP.”

This is a starkly different result as that celebrated by the media when the House of Representatives in Washington D.C. went from GOP controlled into the hands of the Democrats.

Not that the media has wholly ignored this story in favor of continuing to push their claim that the Democrat Party is resurgent.

Several states still have special elections coming including Maine, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

But the news just goes to show that the Republican Party continues to grow its majority in the state legislatures.





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