Trump Pumps Up Idea of Dumping DST’s Annoying Hour Jump

H/T Flag And Cross.

Dumping Daylight Saving Time is an idea whose time has come and needs to happen.

The DemocRats in the House will never give such a bill to President Trump.

Still catching up on that hour of sleep you lost on Sunday? President Trump’s got your back.

For Americans, our Sundays were cut short by an hour yesterday.

And no, it’s not because we were forced to watch CNN for 60 minutes.  It was thanks to the idea of Daylight Savings Time, and the faux equinoxes that we’ve created as a way to rework the farmers’ work week.

But something revolutionary has been happening behind the scenes, as Americans begin to eschew the idea of Daylight Savings Time’s time changes altogether, believing more and more frequently that the notion is silly enough to be scuttled entirely.

Now it seems that they the President’s support as well.

President Donald Trump endorsed the idea of making Daylight Savings Time permanent on Monday, as many Americans complained about losing an hour of sleep over the weekend.

“Making Daylight Saving Time permanent is O.K. with me!” Trump wrote shortly on Twitter.

President Trump isn’t the only one, either.

The president would need to work with Congress in order to repeal the 1966 Johnson-era law. Republican Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott filed a bill last week to extend daylight saving time for the entire year, called the Sunshine Protection Act. The Florida legislature voted last year to adopt the measure, but in order for it to take effect, Congress must change the federal law, and Trump must sign it.

His Monday morning tweet seemed to signal that should such a proposal make it to his desk, he would do so.

Detractors against the idea include the Department of Transportation who believe that a permanent DST could cause more fatalities on the nation’s highways due to visibility issues.


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