Ilhan Omar supporter CONFRONTS Sarah Sanders, Gets Owned Instantly

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

March 16, 2019

The lefties in the White House Press corps just have no clue when to leave well enough alone.

Sara Sanders is to rookie.


Rookie: Needs to learn before she speaks.

She took a real whipping at the usually fun press correspondents meeting last year as they picked on everything from her veracity to her weight.



As they badger Ms. Sanders, she politely designates their tepid asides.

Move right along in this video to the 14.11 part.

Wolf is in articulate, she says nothing of consequence and that’s where she decided to take on Sara Sanders who to her flogging with grace and charm.


Michell Wolf was funny but her personal attacks on Sara Sanders was unwarranted.



Seriously, Sara if frequently called upon to be the presidents human shit shield as he continues twittering his off the cuff…

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